Friday, August 28, 2009

Butterfly Kisses

"Butterfly Kisses"
Watercolor Digital Collage

It's been a wild and crazy week. Tomorrow I will be in an art fair on the outskirts of Frankfort, in the boonies in an area that is a campground and nice trees all around. We were checking it out today and near the area a deer bounded out onto the highway and just stood there staring at us. We drove up to it quickly to make sure it would get off the road before someone might hit it. Still, I'm excited by how the art fair will be surrounded by Mother Nature. Neat!. I'm told to bring bugspray as there was a case of West Niles Virus there a while back, but it's "under control" now. Oh, well, never a dull moment as an artist. Bugs fly onto my wet canvas too so I guess everyone, even nature, wants to get into the act. I'll be by the entertainment stage, and I've been told it will be background music, not rock and roll or rap or anything like that. I don't mind being by the music area, because people are always wandering over that way anyway. And besides, I love to listen to musicians and support them, wonderful creative beings in their own right!

There will be around 33 artists, so it's a good sized group. And if no one shows up to visit us, we have each other to talk to and get acquainted with. That's right, I have no expectations about what will happen tomorrow. It is what it is, right? Well, it's free to be in this fair so if it rains or we're eaten up by mosquitos, it won't be too much of a loss. I suppose I should be hitting the bed, but I'm too wound up. Always that way before an art event. Excitement, nerves, anticipation and probably too much chocolate have contributed to my awakened state.

The collage above (I never know how to label my art pieces these days as far as mediums go) is just a little representation about butterflies and feeling free and flying high into the sky. I've been feeling pretty happy today so felt like posting something with butterflies. The butterflies I painted in a Chinese brush painting class a while back, the woman I believe was painted in acrylics from a pattern I saw in a book (I suppose it is copyright material) and the digital effects (with the boxes and the swirling lines) are the finishing touch. Just felt like playing around, taking a few different images and marrying them together into one.

May butterflies land on you often and give you magical kisses to start the day off right!


Carol Anne Strange said...

I hope you're having an enchanting time at the art fair, Bev. It sounds fabulous! And wow ... this post and your latest piece of work resonates. Yesterday, I read about butterflies being symbolic of passing spirits or spirit visitors. I also had a dream of a giant blue butterfly last night. And, today, I'm reading your beautiful post about butterflies. Synchronicity? I think so. ;-). As always, wishing you all that you wish for, my lovely. xx

Doris said...

I'm seeing lots of butterflies too! Hmmmm...
Lovely creation, properly titled.