Saturday, August 8, 2009

Horse Spirits

"Horse Spirits"
Watercolor, Digital Effects

Today was a play day for me, experimenting and creating in whatever way the spirit moved me. Originally a watercolor of horses running through the plains in sunlight, I decided to change the mood and tone to a more mysterious one.

I tried printing the image out and it seems to have lost some of its color and impact. Althuogh it is supposed to be ghostly, so why would I be looking for dazzling color? Oh well maybe this was just for practice. I can't expect everything to be a masterpiece, but I had thought it might be something to post on Etsy, but if the print looks lousy......Any thoughts from you all out there?

Ah, the magic of the West. As I was working on the image above, my mind drifted back to a time when I saw some wild mustangs running across the landscape somewhere in Montana, I believe. At the time I thought what I was witnessing was a mirage, but maybe, just maybe they were horse spirits kicking up dust.

Fantasy and magic, I welcome with open arms!


Jean said...

I think it's beautiful! Mysterious and ghostly, and I can just imagine a wild herd of mustangs running towards me. I say put it on Etsy, you never know who's looking for just that image!!!

Carol Anne Strange said...

Oh Bev ... Horse Spirits is just magical and so full of energy! I absolutely adore horses and always have. I love all animals but horses just fill me with so much emotion. You have captured their spirit in this image - so dynamic! You should definitely include on your etsy store. Keep the fantasy and magic coming! xx

butterfly woman said...

Thank you Jean and Carol Anne,
Your words were just that extra boost I needed to put "Horse Spirits" onto the Etsy shop. I am grateful for this blog here where I can feel safe and share my deeper feelings with supportive like minds.
Sometimes, I play it a bit safe when I am in art fairs and on-line groups, exhibiting only those images that have gotten nice reviews.But to take risks is necessary for me. It alleviates boredom and facilitates exciting change within me.
I lightened up the image just a bit and the horses galloped over to their new home, tails flying, kicking up dust.
My spirit felt unleashed as well, embracing the wild territory of what lies before me.

Elena said...

Oh Bev I love it! I thought I loved your hummingbird but I really love this one. The emotion is mystical....

butterfly woman said...

Well, as an update, I did put "Horse Spirits" on Etsy after we talked here and it has been unleashed and is galloping to a new home today. Thank you again for your encouragement.It felt good to express some of my doubts here and get such affirming responses.

I am tickled and honored that you will be the proud owner of this piece. These horses can't wait to be hanging on your beautiful studio walls watching you as you create your own marvelous art! And maybe they'll become friends with your giraffe!

Doris said...

So beautiful! Spirits and symbolism. Wild Horses are a symbol of America, I hope we never lose them. Lots of horse enthusiasts out there!