Sunday, August 30, 2009

Participating in a lst year Art Fair!

"Buddha Cat"
Watercolor, Acrylics

Today I'm unwinding, meditating, being like the buddha cat above. The day after an art fair I usually just ride the waves, slowly coming back down to as even a keel as I can. The art fair I was in yesterday was a 1st time event and I had no expectations. I feel better if my mindset is like that. But I was happily pleased with how the day progressed.

I had the bugspray, but there were no mosquitos. I was thankful for my layers of clothes, for it was rather chilly and breezy. Being in a woodsy setting, though, was peaceful and rather meditative. Early on, the people at the fair were mainly the vendors, the artists. As the afternoon wore on, the "crowds" began to trickle in. The advertising had been limited and we were off the beaten path which probably contributed to the light turnout. However, I was thrilled to meet Elena in person. Up till now, she has been a wonderful supportive on-line artist/friend. So when she walked up to me, hey, that was the highlight of my day. Really! And she bought a few of my prints, which was so sweet and affirming to my artist self. She is a GREAT artist herself and I hope one day to be walking over to her booth and seeing what wares she will offer. In the meantime, I am blessed she is in my life as a wonderful believing mirror!

I made a few sales, chatted with fellow artists and wandered around looking at the various things for sale. Jewelry, sculptures, paintings, photography all dazzled my eyes. There was live music and later on several of the "artists" came on stage and read some poetry. A diversified group of creative beings indeed! The art host provided pastries, fruit, lemonade (I yearned for hot chocolate), but no coffee. My husband went home and brought back a thermos of the brew which helped me to wake up. A librarian friend of mine brought her two kids. Her son is very opinionated (quite the art critic) and offered comments about several art prints of mine. It was hysterical. Later on his mom came back to the show again and brought my husband and I hot chocolate and bagels. What a peach she is. I gratefully accepted the warm sweet beverage. I still think people are what makes these fairs special. And I thank all who stopped by and said Hi. Made being there all worthwhile!

Oh, this was neat. A sculpturer who worked in clay invited people to stop by and make a little clay object. Each person's creation was added to a mound of clay and then at the end of the day the final conglameration would be presented as a memento of the day to the campground who let us use their grounds. Pretty darn cool. My only regret is that I didn't participate in the event. Didn't know what it's purpose was ultimately going to be but people were sure having fun playing with the clay! Yep, fun!

I have a week or so till the next art fair and then I may be done with art fairs for this year. That's a maybe, never say never! I hear a kitty meowing, it's buddha cat telling me to do some mantras and affirmations now. OMMMMMMM!!!!

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Elena said...

Oh Bev, your words are too kind. I was so excited to meet you considering that I went there to find you. I love being able to put a face to the warm online friend and your hubby is great. I had a cool time meeting others at the fair as well. It was a place of 'coincidences' which I'll discuss later.