Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daylily Dance

"Daylily Dance"
Watercolor, acrylic, gesso, charcoal pencil,
oil pastels, scribble craft paints

I suppose I should be painting autumn leaves soon. But I'm not going to rush the season yet. Leave that to the department stores. So in honor of the summer season, I found a photo of a daylily I took recently and used that as a jumping off point. Once again, I was going to find "art within art" as my artist friend Elena mentioned recently. The flower was red with a black background. All I needed really was the outline and then I could gather my art toys and play.

Originally, I was going to experiment with watercolor drips on a gessoed piece of watercolor paper. I hear that can give some cool effects, like letting the watercolor "stand" on the paper. But the best laid plans go awry and the spirit of creation guided me to create the piece above. Do any of you have that experience of planning to create a specific thing and then something totally different emerges? Ah, the unpredictability of the process. More exciting that way!

I used various tubes of watercolor for the beginning stages of the flower and background. I had a few shades of red paint I was going to use but got bored with that monochromatic concept (so to speak) and threw every tube of color I could find onto my studio desk. Tubes of acrylics and some bottles of scribble paint joined the crowd. Soon I couldn't even see the paper I was going to paint on. What a trip and a happy mess!

The scribble paint gives kind of a 3D effect and seemed to make the stamens dance off the page. They have a glittery feeling to them that adds contrast to the more subdued background. I was going to keep working on this piece, perhaps adding some "handmade papers" here and there. But that's another day. I decided to scan it in as is, which was rather difficult because the scribble paint is rather thick and I had to be careful as I closed the lid. And the painting edges got a bit chopped off as the scanner is only formatted for 8x10 paper. Minor details. The important thing is that I was happy, playing like a little kid. Playing, fun and being a kid are words I am so happy to be including in my life these days.

Celebrate! Let the creative party begin. Blow out the candles and may your wishes come true!


Elena said...

You called me "artist" friend! Ha!

I love when you discuss your process because I can sense the joy and thrill of creation in your words. You make it sound so simple. And you're right, it's never the same thing twice. Thank you for sharing!

Laura said...

Nice post about the process and I'm not hearing and censor bits lady... kicking it in the pants did you? Keep blowing out the candles and keep letting the party play on!

butterfly woman said...

Hi Artist Elena,
See did it again, needed to reinforce it. Sometimes you've got to "act" as if you are one, then it all falls into place (my personal philosophy, anyway). I also find myself able to "speak" better about my feelings on-line, my shy introverted self which is often evident in public, seems to take a backseat. I think you mentioned the same thing about yourself. So this blog has really helped me to believe in myself.


Yes, I think I am nipping that crafty censor in the bud. It's been a slow process but as time goes by ... Your artist way group, believing mirrors and my inner child trusting me all vital to my growth. My husband helps me watch my words when I speak too. It's good to have a partner to correct the language that comes out of my mouth, so habitually at times. Allowing myself to play and be creative is a big part of it all.

Doris said...

it's a perfect expression of the season, my favorite, when flowers burst in splendor and heat makes the mind wander.