Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Sparrow Transformed"

"Sparrow Transformed"
Ink jet paper, matte medium, acrylics, scribble paint and
a touch of digital art

Converted to black and white from an
original color painting

I've really been feeling the whimsy and fantasy self inside of me craving for expression. Sometimes when I don't have an image to create, I'll find something "old" I've done and see if it can jumpstart me into new and different possibilities. And "Sparrow" just happened to be that guinea pig for my experiment.

The original painting was converted to black and white via the computer and then printed out on inkjet paper. I added a swish of matte medium to the paper and let it dry a bit. I understand that this is a necessary process so that the inks don't run if you want to add more mediums like paint to it. Well, that was certainly the case with me. Some scribble fabric paints, a few goldish colored acrylics, and a dash of digital art paint to the recipe and voila, out came "Sparrow Transformed". Perhaps a more apt title might be "Hummingbird" due to the rather long beak. Hm, perhaps he is like Pinocchio and has told a small white lie. Nah, he's a good little bird! He's also a tiny little guy, only about 2" x 2" so to try to make him bigger would give him some pixels, some abstract little squares all over his body. He was content with his makeover, though, and really wanted to remain tiny. Ah, so be it!

So I leave both of them here as they are. I may work on the top image in time, perhaps adding him to a collage as he is so tiny. We shall see. My inner child was happy playing in this fantasy world where anything is possible. And as you can see, whenever you are creatively stumped, open your eyes and look around you. There may be a little creature chirping in your ear, waiting for a makeover!


Elena said...

Cute! Plus this reminds me of Uta's post on Artist Way about refilling the well. Art within art. Very nice. (By the way, still LOVING Horse Spirits - you did such a beautiful job)

Laura said...

I love your playtime Bev! The book I'm reading now is Called Play request it at your library or see if another one has it and rent it out. I think you will enjoy the book.


april said...

I think "sparrow transformed" wanted to play too and dress up! Dress up like a hummingbird! He's very partyish and having fun! I can feel he's happy.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Such a lovely little sparrow, Bev! I like both images for different reasons so I'm glad that you're keeping both as they are. Oooh, yes, celebrate the inner child and immerse yourself in the realms of fantasy as often as possible. There you will find abundance of all that you wish for. Much love, dear one. x

Doris said...

And what a transformation it was! I'd like to see a collage with many little transformations filling a tree or nest or bath!

butterfly woman said...

Hi Elena,
Love the comment art within art, that is a nice way of expressing the process of sparrow here. I bet Horse Spirits is LOVIN' you right back.
Ordered the Play book, also Art Revolution I'm looking into. I'm such a bookworm when I'm not creating.
I love your comment that sparrow is dressing up like a hummingbird. Yes, creatures of the world like make-believe and having playtime too.
Yes, I'm in the fantasy world for longer and longer periods of time. When I "allow" myself to merge with fantasy, it's an indescribable feeling. And I create for different reasons depending on my feelings. So to choose one image over another is not fun, let them coexist and live together on the planet.
I love your idea of a collage with many "transformation images". So many of my pieces are in that stage now I could see that happening. Off to see who wants to hop into a new image and hang out together.

Thanks all for stopping by. Your support and insights always help me on my journey. Peace and love on your journeys as well.