Monday, December 28, 2009

Spirit Calling

"Spirit Calling"
Digital Collage

I have been praying lately for artistic venues to appear and for my energy to stay positive. Meditating in quiet solitude has been intense, but necessary. Sometimes, though, even isolated quietude is not enough. This morning my emotions were very strong and I needed another outlet for them. So I decided to cope with them in a creative way and the image above is a result!

"Spirit Calling" is a composite of two images. One is of a coyote howling that I did in watercolor. The other is a photo I took when I lived out in Yellowstone National Park, working at Old Faithful Inn for a few summers. Yes, the environment out there was gorgeous, a creative dream. Yes, it was an escape of sorts from the "real world" I left behind. I continued to feel a restless longing within myself as I worked with the two images, marrying them together into one. I decided to add the words "Spirit Calling", which seemed to be twirling in my heart, letting them spew from the coyote's lips. Visualizing with words and images what I long for, as I have done here, may help quell my restless emotions. Or stimulate them. I shall just have to trust the process.....

Do I long for the West (or Southwest) right now? Yes, I do. I did leave a piece of my soul there. Do I feel it is again an escape? Not as much as I used to. I know I will take myself and my problems with me. At least I have that much awareness. I cannot run from them. Still, I hear the coyotes howling and the wind rustling through the trees bathed in beautiful sunsets and wonder, why not? And my soul seems to be nodding in agreement.

I feel it is necessary to paint what I believe in and long for as the need arises. And to paint my emotions as well. There is a power to creativity that seems to manifest one's truth, which wants to be heard. This is my belief anyway. And as I type these final words here, the wind rustles at the window, reaffirming that I am exactly at the place I need to be!


Laura said...

Liking this piece!

april said...

Me too, Bev. Very meaningful. Always enjoy reading your explanations of your artwork. You are always satisfying some thought in your mind. Love that!

Elena said...

Oh I love, love, love, love this one! It makes my heart ache for the southwest again. It's not running away. It's a yearning-like being called home.

Doris said...

Beautiful! Such a beautiful tribute to the gorgeous creature with so many fables. I hear it calling!