Thursday, March 12, 2009

Evolution of My Creative Self

"A Creature Enjoying Nature"
Digital Art

My fantasy art continues to evolve and I truly am embracing what is coming out from my inner self. Sometimes, though, I am amazed at what I am creating. Who is this artist formerly known as Bev?

Originally, the image was a watercolor I did of a bird. It seems lately that my jumping off point is usually a realistic image of something but then it seems I get bored with it and need to jazz it up in some way. Perhaps this what is called my style. When I scanned it into the computer, suddenly it transformed itself into a bird/lizard/wolf of sorts. As I stared at it, I began to imagine it as something coming from prehistoric times, now in the present checking out what life is like now. I wonder if it likes what it sees? I added some surrealistic Dali touches of melting, through some painting tools, which I love to incorporate.

Melting, to me, represents the idea that we are not solid, rigid forms but that we can evolve and dissolve into so much more of ourselves. In addition, the taoism philosophy that we are all one with nature and ourselves seems to adhere to the melting philosophy I incorporate into my art. We have so many parts within us just waiting to be tapped into and to be rigid and not embrace them is to die, in some sense. I suppose that is what happened to this creature. It wanted to reveal other dimensions of itself so I birthed it into this final form. The background was initially white and rather stark-looking but I wanted to develop a fantasy background to go with the creature on the branch. Perhaps the colorful creature could have stood alone on the white background and maybe now he/she is getting lost in the colors behind it, but I like it this way.

This creature may, in time, evolve into something more. Human characteristics may emerge from it. Or it might settle and embrace into its present skin. Whatever the case, I find my own creative process continuing to evolve as well and I don't think I'll ever stop learning. Thank you creature, for showing me the way.


Doris said...

Did you see in the news...dinosaur fossils in Canada of bird like creature the size of a house cat?

trish said...

your art is wonderful Beverly! I wish i could put it into words as well as you, but I can just say I love it:) I'm going to add your link to my blog so I can come back later and go through some more (I've been online too long this evening)-take care and have a great evening!