Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Flower's Spirit

"A Flower's Spirit"
Digital Photo

So Much More Revealed

Souls yellow and white
bath in the glow of God's love
leaving me dazzled

There are so many ways to capture the image of a flower. You can take them in clusters from far away. Or get down on your knees with a macro lens and single out just a few, making for a more intimate feel. And sometimes, as in the image above, you just have to hug that warm earth with your body to really capture an image like this. The photographer's body needs to be a little flexible in cases like this and sometimes onlookers will give you funny looks. But that joy of merging with nature makes it all worthwhile. All part of a day doing what one loves to do. The sun seemed to be at the perfect angle here, and the back lighting was soft and diffused, with shadows developing for a nice contrast.

I added the haiku "So Much More Revealed" as an afterthought. Haiku are poems of nature, three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables again. The words just came up, blooming from within me as these crocus bloom. Soon these delicate beauties will be gone; I see them already droopy, wrinkled. A short life-span, but I shall have this photo to remember them by.

I did very little to enhance the image above. Some things are better left au la natural. Simple, without distractions, can be better. And when I see a flower's soul; well, enough said.


Laura said...

I really like this one Bev, something about it really touches me.

Doris said...

It is a deep beauty...maybe because of the short life span... but you've really entered it's world completely!

april said...

What a beautiful photo, Bev. The title is perfect and I love haiku. Very tender.