Friday, March 20, 2009

Woman and Hawk Friend Welcome Spring

"Woman and Hawk Friend"
Pencil - Pen & Ink - Digitally Enhanced

It's Officially Spring! With it comes rebirth, new hopes, and new dreams. I found this sketch I had done a while back. Originally it was rendered in pencil and pen & ink. I felt I would celebrate Spring with its palette of flowers that heralds its arrival by coloring in this image. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my creative edge, but then inspiration flows through me and I am thankful I still have it. I didn't finish the image, but kind of feel satisfied as it is. The contrast seems interesting to me and the woman and hawk seem to glow and pop from the subdued background. I also like keeping original lines in, as it has more of an energetic feel to me.
So, I welcome the new season and my own creative impulses. The cyclic seasons herald my own cyclic artistic nature. My motto today: Keep flowing and don't resist.


Soulsearcher said...

I love this piece! How did the show go at Vogt Center--the photo show?

april said...

She's just beautiful! love this too! I think she should be on the cover of a "May Day" journal.

neetzy said...

The contrast of the bright spring colors against the dull grey background shout "spring". Yay it is finally here. I love the sketch and the pencils lines. It looks fresh and spontaneous. I agree it's nice just to get out and create something!

Doris said...

I thought it appeared very finished. What a great celebration. How long ago did you develop this affinity with Sunhawk?

butterfly woman said...

Hi Diane,
Show was a great way to start this year for me. Was determined to share all new pieces, so I wasn't bored getting it ready.
Awww April,
You made my day. She is kind of a Spring/Summer Spirit welcoming Nature.
Your insight here I so appreciate. How it represents deeper symbolism of Spring. Renewal, rebirth, tht's how my own creativity is feeling lately. Sometimes I hesitate on changing an old "image" but I wanted to breathe new life into her and hawk.
Hi Doris,
I struggle with the finished concept. This was first time I left lots of pencil showing. Something different. I've always been inspired by nature and birds, only in recent years starting to put words like "SunHawk" to the images.
To explore so many different mediums allows me to a tell a more complete story.