Saturday, March 7, 2009

Parrot Pays Me A Visit

Digital Watercolor

A parrot has flown in to join my bird menagerie. I like parrots because they are so colorful. Watercolor is a wonderful medium to use as it can flow with the help of some water. Actually the background is from another watercolor I did a while back. The parrot I just painted tonight. With the help of the computer, I merged parrot to the sky background and voila, a new creation has emerged. The touches of white you see on the bird is gesso, which I couldn't resist using. Also, I brushed the gesso in a washy manner over some areas of the parrot, to give it just a touch of opaque feel. For contrast purposes, I suppose. So technically, the purists would say it is not a watercolor creation because I used the gesso, but hey the bottle was sitting nearby and I was in the zone and grabbing anything and everything and the rest is history.

So if you hear a voice squawking "Polly Want A Cracker", you'll know it's coming from this little place right here.


Karin said...

Hi Bev, your parrot is a beauty. That bright little eye is peering right at us! He reminds me of my grey cheek companion Tucker, who I had for 10 years. You have captured these birds intelligence and curiosity well, in the expression!
I love using gesso for highlighting, too - I say what ever works - and this really works :)
thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughtful comments at my blog!

april said...

Well, look at him! He's a beauty. And where did that squirrel come from?

Soulsearcher said...

I love this picture! And your photographs, too. Good luck at the show! I miss seeing you and Frank. I feel very much out of the loop right now.

butterfly woman said...

Hi Karen,
This parrot intrigued me for its colors.I always do the eye first (windows to the soul). The gesso was an afterthought but can do some cool things to watercolor, like make it swim and really go out of control. I do so love a challenge. Thanks for stopping by.
The squirrel is from Suz's yard the day I was taking owl photos. But then a rainbow splashed him with color so I guess now he's from fantasy land.
Hi Diane,
Miss you and your writing. I think winter has thrown us all for a loop. Hope to see you soon!Maybe at the photo show this Friday?

Doris said...

Where have I been? Did parrot sketches with my children's classes last week. What syncronicity!