Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twiggins Tweets A Greeting

Watercolor, oil pastels, ink, gesso, rubber stamp

Well, I suppose adding a rubber stamp to this creation above, as well as using various mediums, officially makes me a collage artist. I've been assembling collage images via the computer for some time, but have been longing to do more hands-on art. I ended up with paint and ink on my arms and shirt, and inhaled a few paint fumes as well. Things that just don't happen when you create digitally. Okay, I admit, I added a few tiny computer touch-ups during the final stages, but the majority was done in my studio.

"Twiggins" is a name derived from using twigs and ink to create part of the bird above. My initial intent was just to use those two items, but when I stared around me at all the other creative "toys" I could use, well, one thing led to another and an assortment of other mediums piled on. The rubber stamp in the middle of the bird says "PEACE" on it. I found a black ink pad, but realized it was dried out. I added some water to the pad and then placed the stamp onto the ink. The result was a rather ghostly imprint, but yet it has a mysterious feel to it. I fiddled with the word on the computer, trying to make it stand out, but gave up and left it as is. Sometimes more can destroy the original intent, if there is one. When I view the work of several of my collage friends, I am always intrigued by what is left unsaid with the words found on the collages. Words torn from pages or gessoed over for a foggy effect catch my eye and intrigue me. I can complete the sentences in my own way. I end up, in some respects, becoming a subtle participant in that particular artist's process. Make sense?

I thought about what Twiggins meant to me here. There are two versions. The first is that the bird is celebrating creativity and throwing confetti up into the air. Using rubber stamps and twigs with ink on them seems to push me in new artistic directions, a reason to jump for joy. The second interpretation is that the bird is peaceful within her own skin despite the chaos of society trying to make her forget who she really is. Both work for me. I am just happy that Twiggins is happy and it's infectious, I'm feeling those good vibes.


Bonny said...

Bev, this little fellow is so cheerful! He's definitely 'happy in his own skin'. Does that relate to you and how you feel as well..?

I love the various layers and media you used in this creation. Perfect for Spring.... or Easter :)

neetzy said...

I like the energy! The twig work gives the piece a very loose, energetic vibe. Did you dip your twigs into ink?

Sometimes it's fun just to get our hands dirty.

Laura said...

Loving the freshness with this piece and the color combinations.And the fact that you exploring different mediums and getting some fine quality stuff happening for you.

april said...

Twiggins is a celebration! He's wonderful and I love the whisper of "peace".

Marjorie said...

I like your idea of using the alternative art utensils! One of our calligraphy instructors (whose class I may get in at Conference) has sticks and shells to bring on her materials list! It's made Twiggins very unique looking. I like your use of many colors too in your work.

Marjorie said...

Just noticed your blog list with the "hours" that's neat!

Doris said...

I love him! I think he'd make a perfect greeting card to cheer anyone!