Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hummingbird Joy

"Hummingbird Joy"
Watercolor, digital effects

As hummingbirds have been making their presence known at my feeder, I thought I would honor one here today. Yesterday, I took my watercolors, known for their transparent qualities, and recreated the image above. If one uses watercolors that are transparent and adds lots of water, a stained glass effect can "sometimes" be achieved. As I looked at the original bird in watercolor, it seemed a bit muddy, lacking transparency. I thought about whether to continue on and tweek it on the computer. I often struggle as to when I feel a painting is complete, for to work too much on a creation can change the whole inner message. Yet, to stay safe and not experiment can be the death of an artist's growth process. (What I've learned by trial and error, anyway).

I decided to push the limits with the hummingbird and was glad I did. The stained glass effect seemed to shine forth for me.I played with the background, changing it to turquoise blue a la computer but then felt it competed too much with bird. Back to white it went. What's nice about the computer is you can easily change and experiment with colors and not have to live with a permanent decision. That's freeing to me.

I was reading a little bit about hummingbird symbolism. The tiny bird is known as the symbol of resurrection. Hm, maybe I had a preconceived inkling of this as the bird points upwards towards the heavens and wanting to achieved a stained glass effect as well. Reading further, I discovered that the hummingbird represents joy, love, and beauty. It can fly backwards as well. Translating this to myself, I look back at my past, but try not dwell on it. Forward process, staying in the now, where joy really does reside. The fluttering wings form an infinity symbol as well, which I was not aware of. Eternity, continuity and infinity are words associated with this symbol and I would like to remember that in my own life. My journey is a continuing process forever.

Finally, these words, "the sweetest nectar is within" affirmed that I am on the right path, seeking the jewels within myself. Externalizing does not nurture me anymore.

I love when these tiny birds come and say Hi to me. May you all, as well, tap into your own hummingbird joy.


Elena said...

It's beautiful. The colors and "feel" make it magical.

aka Hummingbird

artbyjune said...

Beautiful colourful bird. I love it!

Doris said...

I don't think it muddy at all, I like opaque glass! It's a gem of a piece!

Anonymous said...