Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ocean Sunset, Abandoned Collage Scraps

"Ocean Sunset"
Watercolor on Rough Textured Paper

"Collage Scraps - Lying in Wait"
Torn papers, etc....

One can never predict where the creative process will go (nor would I want that to be the case). Yesterday I had the urge to surround myself with tissue papers, rice papers, ribbons, magazines, metallic threads, and other treasures that a collage artist would drool over. Yet, in the other room, I heard my watercolors calling to me in a soft voice so I added them to the mix of creative clutter. I saw a photo in a magazine filled with exquisite purples, oranges, pinks, reds that only a sunset could convey in all its glory. I drew in pencil a vague image similar to it and then painted in watercolors a sunset reflected in waters with mountains surrounding it. (Nothing like the original image, but then where would my unique stamp be otherwise)? Then I tore various papers in similar colors to the watercolors (like oranges, yellows, soft purples) in hopes of gluing some of them over the image. I hemmed and hawed looking for more transparent papers to allow the watercolor underneath to show through. I didn't want to lose the watercolor effect. Already, I was feeling some resistance to the process. I stared at the mountain and fell in love with how the watercolor had made little textures and shapes on the paper. And then I just stopped. Maybe a little nutrition would give me the energy I needed to continue on with the project. After my appetite was quenched, I gathered my chosen papers, grabbed my matte medium and began. Nope, my heart just wasn't in it any longer. The collage that I had hoped to develop never happened. I lost something, that creative mojo would not spark any longer. Rather than forcing myself to continue, I let my inner voice rule me, because it seemed intuitive and just "right".

Perhaps someday I will work on this image again. The papers I had planned on using are now in a cardboard box waiting for that day when I feel the urge to explore. The intent was there to collage, but something deep inside of me raised a louder voice, (JUST LET IT BE), which I had to listen to. Ah well, I rather like the simplicity of the piece above. Sometimes "keeping it simple" is what it's all about! But sorting out all those voices clammering within us, well that's another story!

May sunrises, sunsets and rainbows fill your life today and always........


Uta said...

Perhaps you could tear or cut up the water colour and use it on top of other collage papers so you don't lose the effects.

Doris said...

Your abandoned papers look like rocky crags at the shoreline!