Friday, June 5, 2009

Petey the Parakeet


Petey Parakeet has flown in to say Hi. I saw him in a photo in a book and immediately I remembered my pet bird from childhood. So I painted him yesterday in homage and memory of all the good times when he chirped happily, singing beautiful songs.

Petey feels a little more impressionistic to me. I enjoy letting the viewer fill in the image with their own interpretative vision. I didn't feel like adding a lot of detail and decided to let the body kind of flow with the wet watercolors. The eye I always make pretty clear, for after all they are the "windows to the soul". Some feathers have been indicated with fine lines but I didn't want to overdo it. The branch he's perched on is from my imagination. I'd like to think he's free now, flying in the world, no cage to enclose him anymore. On a personal level, I suppose that is what I am seeking, freedom to be who I am. I think I've been there for awhile now, and hope it doesn't flee my grasp. I'm not sure if Petey is finished yet, but I just wanted to share him here anyway. I notice there's what appears to be a heart on his chest, that darker small shape. How about that, Petey continues to send me love, even after all these years . Back at ya, Petey!


Laura said...

Loving Petey Bev and it's great to see the detail in the image. Good color too.

Suz said...

beautiful image and what a great bird he must have been

Doris said...

Beautiful homage, he's flying free and yet perched to send his love and appreciation!

Elena said...

What a beautiful picture. I love the detail...I could imagine his chattering.