Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pen and Ink, Another Way to Share My Creative Voice

"Pot of Flowers"
Pen and Ink
60 lb. sketchbook paper

Watercolor and Pen and Ink
60 lb Sketchbook Paper

I'm finding within me the urge to create more and more and with whatever tools I have handy. I am so glad I enjoy various mediums to work with. Sometimes the medium can match the particular mood or emotion I want to convey within myself. To have these choices is quite liberating. I was talking to a children's book author the other day. She told me about the illustrator who is working with her on a soon to be released book. (I will, with her permission, give more details in a future post). This artist works in watercolor and pen and ink. I realize I too enjoy the merging of those two mediums. I can be floaty and dreamy with the watercolor and can render more details with the pen and ink. I recalled a former art teacher of mine who, after seeing my artwork progress, noted that I had an illustrative quality in my renderings. These individuals who have crossed my path have gotten me to musing about my artistic style. Perhaps the sky is really wide open and there are more opportunities to pursue than I had originally envisioned.

The top image above was done while I was sitting on a friend's patio the other day. Various pots of plants, climbing vines on fences, and an occasional hummingbird quickly put me in a creative, dreamy frame of mind. Grabbing sketch pad and pen and ink, I began recreating the vision in front of me. In time, I may add color, but for now I'm enjoying the black and white effects. I am glad I am sketching plein aire (drawing and painting in outdoor settings). Though I sometimes long to be with my art friends who are doing weekly outdoor art jaunts this summer, I realize I can have my own solitary artist dates as well. I am aware that often I stop myself, instead waiting for the "right conditions" to occur - whether people, places, the proper art tool, etc. Excuses and the creative spirit do not mesh, I realize.

The second image above was an older image I found in the same sketchbook I was using. Watercolor and pen and ink were used here. Though the paper is not really conducive for watercolor, I rather enjoyed how the paper buckled under the heavy moisture. The background had some interesting texture and line as a result. Sometimes when I look at my older artwork, I wish I could return to that "style" I had. Though this can put me in stuck mode, I also find it helps me to recall parts of myself that I may have forgotten for a bit. I prefer to look at this as a positive process and whatever my creative urges want, I will listen to and abide by.

I find myself "longing" to create art these days. I welcome this feeling and am riding with it. Let the journey unfold.


Carol Anne Strange said...

Wonderful images, Bev! I really connect with `Reflecting'!

Oooh, yes, you must follow the calling to create. Let the journey unfold! x

Doris said...

Beautiful! Brings up memories of wet on wet ink drawings from my youth. I enjoyed very much. I'll have to take a look see at what I might find!

Elena said...

Very nice...keep following that pull. The creative results are inspiring.