Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Touch of Psychedelic Art

Watercolor, Digital Enhancements

I laughed the other day recalling a fellow writer's comment about a cardinal I had painted awhile back. He said he liked "the gangster cardinal in the hood (graffiti)". I am always delighted about the perceptions of others in regard to any particular image I produce. Being the wonderful writer that he is, his words are to be particularly cherished. Then I remembered the day a gallery owner, upon seeing my artwork, remarked "what kind of drugs were you taking when you created these?". I'd have to say the drug of creativity. I find myself more lately tapping into that "psychedelic" aspect of who I am and the woodpecker above demonstrates that, to some extent. In fact, I'm wearing a ty-dye t-shirt as I type these words to honor the occasion.

Ideally, I wish woodpeckers, hawks, eagles, blue herons and other wildlife would perch on my deck and pose for me. That would be a heavenly plein air experience to me. A hummingbird does stop by the hummingbird feeder to drink, but I'm sure I'd only be able to document a blur of motion on paper. I settle, then, on either photos I have taken or a particular image from a magazine that appeals to me. Originally, the above image was done in watercolor, which I scanned and have a record of. The original background was white but then I accidentally spattered some paint drops on it. From there, I continued spattering and painting sky-like effects, which lent it more energy. Rather than despairing about a ruined image (as I have done in the past) I just went with the flow. Then, I went onto the computer and with some digital effects, was able to recreate that hippies, love-in, 60's effect on the above woodpecker. There's something about computer tools that really loosens up my creative free-spirit. Though others may consider digital art a crutch and not "real art", I find it opens me up to exploration and adventure.

So as I explore, I'll fly high, just like the birds, to tap into who I am. I belong to my own gang, called Creative Expression. New members welcome! Let's go paint some walls with graffiti! (Hm, maybe now I am getting carried away).

May all your creative dreams come true!


Elena said...

I love it. I truly enjoy art where the artist 'lets go' and lets their creative spirit play. It stirs happy emotions. And who wouldn't like art that makes you smile?

Doris said...

It's a wonderful image. I'm sure Mr. Woodpecker would approve!