Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playing Brings Out The Joy

"The Joy of Creating"
Colored Markers, Stencils and Three Alphabet Blocks

I was waiting for writing class to begin and, feeling restless, walked around the art room for a bit. I noticed the room filled with magazines, torn papers, glue, scissors on the table. It was as if all the "artists" had left in a hurry. Somehow, though, the lingering creative energy in the air felt contagious and soon I had taken a piece of paper, some assorted markers and stencils and began playing. It was interesting how thoughtful I was about picking out colors and where I wanted the various stencils to go. The heart stencils appealed to me because I wanted to feel the love. Also, a sense of childlike joy was coursing through me so the three alphabet blocks I found seemed to capture that as I glued them down. Hm, now maybe I am beginning to get why collage artists and I suppose other artists as well, like to add words to their creations. Makes it a more complete expression? Finally, snipped the paper edges with fancy scissors and I was done. I felt good and ready for writing class which would follow shortly thereafter.

I was glad for the above experience. It was unplanned, spontaneous, the best kind of thing to happen to me. Lately I've been busy getting ready for an art fair which can be a stressful ordeal. I needed a fun outlet and making the above collage? fulfilled that. I need to remember this, to take a break once in awhile to do art, to play with art. The final product does not have to be a masterpiece or take hours to complete. I learned a little more about who I am and discovered that Joy is something I want to feel all the time.


Uta said...

Glad you took the time to play. I have been playing around in the pages of an old book. Its turning into an altered book journal and I never intended it to hehehe.

Elena said...

Congrats! You recaptured your spontaneous spirit. You know, the one not controlled by The Censor. By the way, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I had to laugh at your comment re: comparisons to others' work. Your work is wonderful and diverse.

Anonymous said...

So good to read your recent posts and to share your creative journey, Bev...It's been a pleasure to read and to see your art. I like the idea of the art materials all waiting for a passing artist to use... and you sensing the "lingering creative energy" there in the room~ Julie x

Laura said...

Good for you, your growing so much Bev it's great to see, the risks your taking and the joy in you work and words are sure showing.

butterfly woman said...

I would like to see the altered book someday. I think just letting the creative spirit take over without rules and preconceived expectations is so freeing.
Thank you. I'm trying to stay aware of the comparison trap. Letting others inspire me, not shut me down. Realizing that we each are unique in our gifts and that's just fine.
Thank you for stopping by. Yes, sometimes I feel that the energy of other artists can feed and stimulate our own urges. I find with myself that once I start creating a piece, I build momentum and then might want to write from there or play piano. Like a gentle breeze turning into a tornado!
Your encouraging words have helped me on my path. Risks, with joy sprinkled in, keep my process going.
Thank you all for stopping by!

Doris said...

It's great to hear of playtime. Commissioned pieces allow so little playtime. i like words in art, often see them as necessary to connect the viewer to artist intent, especially in abstract work.