Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How I Live My World

"Field of Coneflowers"
Digital Photograph

A rather rugged hulk of a guy was staring for a few minutes at some of my images at the art fair the other day. "Wow, what a way to escape from the real world", he reflected out loud. I thought about his comment and yes, it is a WONDERFUL way to live. From his point of view, maybe an escape, for me just living my heart.

And so today "Field of Coneflowers" emerges in honor of this gentleman, a photograph taken at Lurie Gardens in Chicago with a few dabs of fantasy thrown in.

The real world collapes around me and all I hear are the silent voices within. I give them permission to dance in the coneflower field. Perhaps if I look closely enough, I may see that man joining in! All are welcome.


Elena said...

Oh now see, I want this one too! My absolute favorite flower is the black-eyed Susan. I just really love how happy they look. It's a beautiful pic as always. By the way, I gave my sister the bluebird print for her bday and she loved it. She was excited to think that I "commissioned" you to make it for her. I didn't exactly lie, I just nodded and said you were good.

Suz said...

Those are the most beautiful flowers.
The colors! I think that guy was hitting on you! hehehe (to quote a wise woman)

butterfly woman said...

Ah Elena,
To be a commissioned artist, one of my dreams. Thanks for visualizing it for me. Always love to hear where my creations are going.Honored it was a birthday present for your sis. Glad you like the happy flowers.You always make me feel so good with your words.

hi Suz,
Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. Coneflowers are the most interesting flowers, next to owls, of course. And yes, you can also meet "interesting" people at these art fairs. Hitting on me or my art, all part of the public relations! Never a dull moment, keeps me on my toes.