Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Bird of Paradise - Now Enlightened"

"Bird of Paradise - Now Enlightened"
Digital Art

The best laid plans go awry sometimes. A new friend of mine sent me a number of stunning photos of her beautiful birds, including some parrots. I had hoped to paint one of them in the last few days. But that project is on hold, due to other obligations. Still, my creative appetite is whetted by these lovely feathered creatures and they will not be forgotten for long!

In the meantime, I found the digital art image above. Nestled amongst the "1,000's of computer images I have stored on my disc, it seemed to stand out from the rest. I did the image some time ago. The bird of paradise photo was taken at a local greenhouse. The background photo is an unusual perspective of a pumpkin top. As the bird of paradise is centered on top of the pumpkin, all you can see are the pumpkin's outer edges trailing out. Originally, the image above was titled "Pumpkin Top Craze". I felt artistically crazy (not holding back might be a better way of putting it) when it emerged from my inner depths. Today, though, I decided to change the title to one more personally fitting my own path in life. I suppose each title works in its own way, depending on the changing moods one is in. I like how the two photos have similar colorations which seemed to make their merging into one a little easier.

I think I will work on the image above a tad more and present it Sunday at the Center's Holiday Art Show. The Show is from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. I will be exhibiting my work there, along with many other fine artists and craftspeople. Frank, my husband, will be promoting his creative writing class too. There will probably be cookies and punch and a festive holiday atmosphere. Should be fun! For more info, click here.

So on to working on my Jungle phase. I feel I am walking on the wild side of myself these days, or so it seems. Bird of paradise flowers, orchids, parrots and whatever else wants to jump on my creative bandwagon, feel free. I am embracing all forms of subject matter now, not restricting myself, and it feels quite exciting! Perhaps a parrot will soon be landing on the Bird of Paradise flower. Creative license is so freeing, isn't it?


Suz said...

Oh Bev I love wild sides!
go for it

Laura said...

busy, busy busy and all is good in the creative department...keep up the great work... still would like to see the images bigger but I guess I will need to see them in person one day.


Doris said...

Lovely enlightened bird! So much holiday happenings! The click here left me in cyberspace though.

Carol Anne Strange said...

It's good to walk on the wild side, Bev! Great to catch up with you here and see your work evolving. You're such an inspiration! xx

Jean said...

Hi Bev! Happy Sunday! I hope that you have a wonderful time at your show today. You've sure been blessed with the beautiful November weather we're having!!

I like your artistically crazy side! Have fun creating in the jungle :)