Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feathers Come Together

"Feathers Come Together"
Digital Art

Just got back from exhibiting in an art fair in Willow Springs. It was a quiet day with about 12 artists riding on that creative supportive energy that each one of us was emitting. Sometimes just getting to know one another is enough for me. Sharing notes, comparing journeys, connecting on a deep level only other artists can relate to. And at the end of the day, sharing pizza, wine, crackers and cheese and our own selves. There is one more day of this fair. I am glad I came into the fair with no expectations; just an optimistic sense of adventure, for it is after all a 1st year event. Having an art fair in a fitness facility was a challenge. I had to sometimes go into a zen mood at times to "tune out" the distractions of people running on the track all around us, the treadmills making their noises or the occasional person hitting the punching bag nearby. An interesting intermingling of people all under one roof; yet each with different goals to accomplish!

Back at home, after I had relaxed a bit, I felt that creative voice calling to me. I had brought some art supplies to the art fair, thinking I might paint something while there. But chatting and more chatting kept me otherwise occupied. But now I did not have those distractions (a word I use in a very positive way). I found a parrot image I had done a few weeks back and scanned it into my computer. It's done in watercolor with some metallic acrylic paints added to give it some dash and oomph. That long feather in front is a feather from Waldo, a parrot I had visited about a week ago and whose owner kindly gifted me with. I played with a technique on the computer which gives it a slightly crackled effect. The black and white feather photo was an assignment I had done for an Intro to Photography class some years back. It's not a parrot feather, but birds of a feather flock together so felt it would fit in just fine. For some reason, I felt like making the black and white feather into a spiritual pendant of sorts for the parrot to wear around its neck.

I'm not sure what meaning I was trying to convey here. Maybe just playing around with collaging some different items via the computer. Or perhaps seeing what combining different tones and colors would look like. Or just simply paying attention to my inner voice saying "create, create, now, now! I still realize I have a fascination for birds and cannot seem to leave them alone or put them aside for want of something better? to create.

So just wanted to check in and say Hi and that all is well. Life is good and I look forward to each day as a new chapter in my life. Ruffling my feathers (my creativity) embracing other feathers (new artistic beings), and flying to different realms (Willow Springs) seems to be my lesson for the day. Good night!


Suz said...

Glad to hear you had a good time
a fitness center? that was a challenge
but I don't know anyone better to rise to it

Doris said...

It's a very interesting assemblage of viewpoints. It seems our feathered friend is approving of the composition.

april said...

You enjoyed your day. And you never lose your enthusiasm. You enjoy whatever is out there!