Monday, November 9, 2009

Orchids, orchids, orchids!

"Spider Orchid"

"Moth Orchid"

"Orchid Hybrid"
Watercolor, digital paint tools

"Puppy Love Orchid Fantasy"
Watercolor, digital paint tools

Well, I could talk about the craft/art fair this weekend and go on and on. Doors opened and I had wonderful conversations with everyone who was there. But I think I'll focus here today on the orchid heaven I was in for most of the time. In the space next to mine was Don White of Anything Orchids. For his Website, click here.
I once had a reading done by a psychic who told me that in a past life I was an aromatherapist, someone who concocted magical, healing oils from flowers. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to flowers. So I was delighted that I was located next to Don. The fragrance in the air from his intoxicating orchards was wonderful. Don kindly answered my questions about his varied orchids and then let me paint several of them. I was able to complete three images over the weekend. I realize that painting in a public arena alleviates my anxiety and puts me in my peaceful zone. I think Frank, my partner, realizes my mood change too. Right off the bat, he kept telling me to get out my paper and start painting. This cracks me up, but yes he knows me well. I wonder, though, if I appear aloof to those who walk by my area as I am creating. I make sure I am attentive to people who stop and look at my work, but I don't want to appear too much like a hovering salesman. Painting keeps me on an even keel. Balance, balance!!! Several of my fellow exhibitors commented that it must be nice to be able to paint to wile away the time at the fair. Yes, the day does go by faster and I am able to come away with several new creations. That's nice!

Anyway, back to the orchids. Last night, I was still filling a nice buzz from the fair and wanted to keep creating. So I scanned my original watercolors into the computer and then played around with some more as I saw fit. Note the word: Play. I did play around with "Spider Orchid" but probably in a state of fatigue or it could just be that I was so in the zone, I lost my second image of it (Didn't save it). I will tell you that in the second revised image the Spider Orchids were turning into butterflies. I guess we're all going through that transformation process, aren't we? Even Orchids get their stint! Don White says that banana spiders pollinate this particular orchid. Hm, so that's why it has a spider look, maybe? Interesting.
The second image, "Moth Orchid" was painted from an orchid cutting that had broken off. The flower itself is now sitting happily in a vase of water. Don says it will last about two weeks. Ah, the beauty of orchids in my abode, how nice. I did not touch up or change "Moth Orchid" in any way and left it as is. Sometimes a watercolor needs to be left in its pure state!
The third image, "Orchid Hybrid" is taking two orchid watercolor images and merging them together via computer tools and genetically painting a new orchid as a result. Hey, I'm a scientist, just like that! I think I combined "Moth Orchid" and Puppy Love Orchid" to make the new offspring. Isn't this what creativity is all about, birthing new children? To me, this image has a more abstract feel, which gave it a bit more mystery.
The fourth image is called "Puppy Love Orchid Fantasy". I really played around with some painting tools on this one. This was my final image I created for the night and I REALLY like the effect. Alas, now I cannot remember what tools I used to get this image. Yes, I was really in the zone by then (I'd rather say that than admit I might have been tired) so it will be one of a kind, I imagine.

So this is my segment on Orchids and how they creatively invited themselves into my life. Again, this was a good exercise for me to paint in the public eye and push myself. Over the weekend, I got several more inquiries as to whether I teach. Right now I feel I am still a student myself, continuing to bloom like the orchids residing next to me at the fair. And this is exactly where I need to be. If I hasten the process and overwater too much, I may wilt. Make sense?

The doors, windows and gates continue to appear in my life. I have the choice to keep them locked, bolted and shut or open them wide to embrace the unknown that lies ahead! A garden of orchids filled me senses and I am grateful for that!


Suz said...

So you are a voodoo hoodo lady..I knew it!
Very interesting about the psychic
love to hear that story sometime
Your flowers are always so dreamy
and so full of wonderful colors
I wish I could get a closer look at's a little hard to see the details here.
The orchid guy sounds lucky for you that he was next to you
we never know where inspiration comes from or when it will come
and you are right ..we must be open to it

Doris said...

Oh so lovely! So serendipitous that Don is Dancing this time around. Thanks for adding his site. I had orchids in my wedding bouquet. Love them. Although my linen dress and orchids were funerary indicators. Have you checked out the orchids on Purplehat artists blog?

butterfly woman said...

Yes, Suz, I dabble in a little magic. Whatever it takes to make my journey in life a little easier and more surreal, shall I say! I guess those images are a little smaller because the writing part was so long. I think I might put a few orchids on my Etsy on-line shop so stay tuned. You'll see them better there!
Hey Doris,
I'm enjoying adding links. I feel grateful that I am meeting others who are inspiring my creativity and so returning the favor.And Don has such a passion for his orchids! Who would have thought the wedding orchids would foresee the future, if I'm reading your comment right! I'll have to visit Purplehat, haven't seen her in awhile!
Hm, thought I got out of my bird and flower painting phase, but how can one control one's inner artist voice. Keep embracing what stirs within!