Saturday, November 7, 2009


Watercolor, digital art tools

The universe works in strange and wonderful ways. I had basically given up on being in an art and craft fair (Holi-Daze) this weekend. It was full, no one had canceled and that was that.
Then last night I get an e-mail from the organizer telling me a spot had opened up. An exhibitor who was supposed to be in the fair got into an automobile accident and hurt her neck. She would not be able to make it as a result. Because of that, I was able to take her place.

I send her blessings for a speedy recovery and thank the Universe for opening up a door for me.
Life works in strange ways, doesn't it? As I said yesterday, you gotta believe!

So if you're in the neighborhood, stop by Lincolnway East High (Frankfort) on Sunday from 9:30 to 3:00 and say Hi to Marge and myself. Of course, the Bears are on TV and the weather is totally delightful but still.....

The image above is a watercolor I did of a woman's face and then added two separate photos (one of flowers and one of window glass) and merged them digitally with the watercolor. I posted it here today because it seems to "reflect" my mood, which is contemplative.

Keep all your senses wide open, because doors are creaking, beckoning us in!


Suz said...


butterfly woman said...

Yes, I see, Suz
I immediately thought of you, my wise friend! Hugs!

april said...

Lovely. Very interesting. Boy, have you been busy! I have a lot of catching up to do here on your blog!

Judy said...

Beverly, I met you yesterday at the art fair and immediately felt a spirit connection with you. Your artistic expression is so real and abundant. I read your blog about your reservations entering a "Christmas Craft Fair". You and one other fabric artist (Hmong) stood out above the rest. I'm the lady with the seven parrots. It is not just a coincidence that you created a parrot as a response to your vulnerable mood.

butterfly woman said...

Yes, April,
I'm not sure of the reasoning behind my creative energy lately, but I'll gladly embrace it. It has been building up like a volcano and the lava spews out, like paint bursting out of paint tubes! Feels intense, but in a good way.

Hi Judy,
It was so enjoyable talking to you at the fair. Sometimes you meet people who you connect with and feel as if you've known them a long time.I do believe in synchronicity/coincidences and there is the parrot connection, for sure! Your parrot stories captivated me and I'm glad you found some bird paintings to take home with you.
I appreciate your wonderful comments, makes me very happy. Now remember, send me some parrot photos and contact me when you want to get together!
P.S. If you go to my previous post, you'll see the parrot I painted just a few days ago!A wild bird painted with passion! Appreciate your thoughts.

Doris said...

Wonderful new piece! So happy you were open to the universe... wonder if I am?

butterfly woman said...

I see your artwork evolving and changing. Experimenting with new mediums, showing your art in new venues,teaching, yes, you are opening doors to allow those gifts from within to move into the Universe.
Even just turning the door handle is a start, don't you think?I have to see each baby step as progress in the big picture!
From the beginning, I thought your figure drawing creations were (and still are) divine!