Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Cockatoo Kiss and a Hug to Creative Spirits!

"Cockatoo Kiss"
Digital Photo

I took this photo at a recent art fair I was exhibiting in. There is sometimes nothing more deeply felt than the connection between owner and pet. I liked this photo and several other close-ups I took of the bird with its orange coloring and blue fringed eyes. I may try painting the bird and then contacting the owner, as she has talked about meeting with me again some day.

I mention this particular event because it seemed to coincide with a demo last night at Town and Country Art League. I almost decided not to go, for a number of quite silly reasons, but then something in my soul said "Go" so off I went. And I was glad I did. John Tylk, a wonderful oil painter and pastelist (and exquisite animal portrait artist) was the featured artist and did a beautiful rendering of a lion portrait in just a few hours. Though I wished I would have taken a photo of the lion, below is an oil painting John has done, one of many commissioned pieces.

For his website and to see more of his paintings, click on the dog painting sitting just above here. Doris, I know you might enjoy seeing his work as you, too, have done some awesome animal portraits yourself. I also read John's biography on his website and his path as an artist speaks to my own artistic quest.

Starting out with a detailed pencil drawing, he proceeded to entrance the audience (and me) with his artistic ability. He also very patiently and, with a sense of humor, answered questions from the audience. (I think I asked about 5 question myself, hey it's a learning experience, right?) I particularly liked how he used mineral spirits to give a watery feel to the background. I suppose my watercolor heart felt a personal affinity to this particular technique he used. In fact, I may attempt oil painting again myself as a result of watching John paint last night. For me, that says a lot!

My friend entered the raffle to win this Lion painting that John did and when her name was drawn, there were tears in her eyes. She had scrounged together some dollar bills and change in order to become the proud owner of this painting. She is quite an animal lover, has photographed and painted a few lion paintings herself and felt a real connection to John's lion painting. Right before her name was announced, she was talking to me about how she would frame it and where it would hang on her wall. I sat next to her affirming that she would win and I do believe our intent to make it happen fulfilled the reality of it. Believe, you gotta believe!

I am glad I did not stay home last night. Otherwise, I would not have felt that little extra spark of inspiration. I would not have seen my friend's joy as she won the Lion painting. And I would not have gotten to know John Tylk, the artist and the person. I realize that we need the support and inspiration of others and if we live in a vacumn otherwise, our potential to expand may be sacrificed. I have often pondered doing either pet photography or paintings in some form or another. So now my interest has been rekindled and I realize that the world is so much broader and the sky is the limit as to potential.

And now to my easel to paint the Cockatoo. Do I dare try some oils or should I start out with tried and true watercolors? Perhaps I'll ask Spike the Cockatoo his personal preference. Whatever I choose, I know I will feel the joy of being creative!


Suz said...

Go for the oils!

lovely post Bev

Doris said...

Thanks for sharing John's work. Very inspiring. Capturing the essence of those four legged friends. Could almost breath along side them! I think that cockatoo will make a lovely painting!Such affectionate birds.