Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eyes - Windows to the Artistic Soul!

Today is the day after of an art fair I participated in held in Plainfield. I feel a bit sore physically, as setting up an art display can be a bit grueling. But emotionally and spiritually, I am rejuvenated by the event, so all in all well worth it. I suppose what stands out is the participation of elementary, junior high and high school artists at the fair. I was awed by their passion, enthusiasm and creative spirits. One of the aspiring young artists came by and struck up a conversation with me, sharing nice compliments about my artwork. She told me she did pen and ink art, so I made sure I told her to stay true to her artistic passion. Encouraging one another on our life path seems vital and I try to do that as much as I can. After all, I can't get enough of it myself and know how good it feels.

Later on I checked out her work and the work of other young artists displayed on easels and boards in the park center. They are all quite gifted and I can only imagine what the future holds for them. The art teachers seem very special as well and appear to be wonderful mentors. My new pen and ink artist friend and several other girls were also doing face painting in a booth nearby. Later in the afternoon, she stopped by my booth and showed me her dazzling blue eyes. Someone had painted her eyelids and when she closed her "real eyes", this is what the result was. How creative is this? Magnificant!

Several of her art friends were also raving about the beauty of another girl's eyes. These eyes were not painted on, but were natural. I can see why they were so complimentary of the eyes, which you can see below. There are wonderful lines and gold flecks in the pupil. Wow! And I can just imagine she is visualizing her next creative piece, even as I write these words.

As I mentioned earlier, these young artists were doing face paintings and I couldn't resist taking a photo of these butterfly eyes. Hey, I am known as butterfly woman myself, so I felt a personal connection here. Great artistic vision, so to speak, again a "true work of art". And someone seems very happy to have her face as the backdrop!

All in all, a very interesting day. I almost wasn't going to participate in the fair, but just imagine what I would have missed out on otherwise. I was so thankful to be surrounded by such joyful spirits. Sheryl, the Plainfield Art League President who got this event off the ground, always makes me feel so welcome and special. And to top it off, several reporters from the Plainfield TV station interviewed me and took photos of my artwork. The young reporter asked me where I get my creative inspiration from. Amongst other things, I told her that I am often inspired by the creative energy of others. And yesterday, well the eyes added their own special magic, putting truth to the saying that eyes really are the windows to the artistic soul!


Suz said...

How exciting! I can feel our happiness. You were a wonderful mentoring spirit to these young women artists! Where were you when I was growing up!?!?!?

butterfly woman said...

I really had no mentoring spirits when I was growing up. My art stayed in my cocoon with me, quietly. So I hope now that maybe I can share of myself a little more and watch future butterflies spread their wings. Connection seems important to me now.

Elena said...

You are such a beautiful spirit. I had to laugh because when I saw the eyes on your post I had just deleted a post on my blog of eyes. Sounds like a wonderful day.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Such a pleasure to read your latest post, Bev, and to feel your spirit soaring. You are such an inspiration and it is wonderful to see you sharing your wisdom with the young artists. As to those eyes ~ amazing! Be in the bliss my friend. x