Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling the Spiritual Within

"Opening Myself To The Spiritual Realm"
Mixed Media

I talk a lot about my creative process on the blog here. In writing class I am told to write what I am passionate about and I suppose the same holds true here; thus the day after day recounting of my artistic path. And besides, being creative connects me to my spiritual self and gives me that "bliss" feeling that keeps me going. Today, my husband asked me if I missed going to church. He's good at throwing these questions at me from left field, and a simple yes or no never seems an appropriate answer. I stopped going to church in 8th grade and creativity and nature became my source of church from then on. I suppose the fellowship and community is something to be gained from attending on a regular basis. I told my husband that when I did go to church, the highlights were watching the sun shine through the stained glass windows and listening to the organist playing resounding, reverberating music. I guess I really didn't answer him because he walked off, sat down at his laptop and began playing some computer game on Facebook. I, however, continued to mull the question. I guess I really don't miss going to church because it's within me in some form or another every day.

For example, I will be filling up my spiritual well tomorrow when I go to the Center. There I and four other Reiki practitioners will be giving people 10 minute "taste of reiki" sessions. This energy healing is meditative, connects me to God and feels very good. Sometimes the people who get on the massage table are in physical or emotional pain. The energy that comes to them from the universe through me (I act as a conduit) can be powerful and life-changing. During the evening, there is soft, soothing music being played, candles are lit and the Center's location in a woodsy area all play a role in setting a positive atmosphere. (There is a church feel in the air during this time). So for me, doing the reiki/energy work is a form of spiritual replenishment. Once a month, on the last Sunday, I look forward to healing myself and, hopefully others. In addition, it is amazing the "buzz" one gets from doing this kind of work. There is a sense of giddiness, call it joy, that fills you from head to toe and makes you crave more of these good vibes, for lack of a better name.

So do I miss not going to church, which I haven't done on a regular basic since 8th grade? Except for the occasional wedding or funeral that I attend, I find that there are other ways to sustain my spiritual path. Whether it's being creative, going to reiki shares, walking in nature, meditating or having a wonderful deep conversation with a good friend, I know I can count on these resources to help me cope when life gets a little crazy.

See, I hardly talked about art at all here. Well, there's always tomorrow.

May your spiritual light shine through.


Doris said...

Very interesting picture. Where is it from?

butterfly woman said...

I did the image some years ago. Originally I called it "Marriage of Spirit". I have been lately looking at my older creations and feeling the longing to recapture that particular creative style again. I painted the vase and background in acrylics and then added the two separate images (done in watercolor) of the women with their own vases.Then merged them all via computer for collage effect. The vessel is a marriage vessel, I believe, from Hopi Indian customs.I used to live and work in Southwest and love native american influence on art. (I wonder if I could share this image with the"world" as the pottery is done by another artist? Copyright issues? The women are embracing their spirituality, thus their garb (which has stained glass features on them). All done during my women/stained glass/still life phase some years back. The woman on left is separate from vase, the woman on right is merging with hers (each at different levels with her own inner spirituality?). I'm sure there's a lot of symbolism here, surrealism too.The image seemed as close as I could get to what I was writing about on this particular post. I'm finding myself lately drawing women figures again, mainly just their portraits in various landscape modes. Whether nude women will emerge again in my creative process is up for grabs. A new phase, perhaps? Or just remembering more of me?
Thanks Doris, this helps me to sort out my art path a bit more.

Carol Anne Strange said...

This image really resonates with me, Bev, and so does your inspiring post. I so relate to your connection with spirit in the wider world - in nature, in working with energy, and just being in the light. I believe that creativity, too, is being in touch with our higher selves. Bliss! And, may your spiritual light continue to shine brightly. Love & joy. xx

PS ... Just read your reply to Doris and it doesn't surprise me to find the Hopi connection! I've been researching Hopi culture for my novel! Synchronicity, hey?!

Suz said...

Bev, a wonderful post! I love the vibrant colors in your painting. I used to see I see exploding talent!

Elena said...

Bev, I love the post. It seems whenever I have something in mind I can count on coming to your blog and seeing just what I was thinking about. Your creation is beautiful. But I especially like your connection to spirit. I also liked the sun through the windows, the music.... Also thought it funny about the reiki at The Center since I've been thinking of going to check that out.