Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Pearl Within I seek. Dive Deep!

"The Pearl Within I Seek"
Digital Art

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new season of Creative Writing at the Center. Click here to get more info. My husband teaches, or should I say, facilitates the group of writers who will gather weekly. Initially, I went to these classes to support my husband and help him run the group. But it opened my eyes to what a gifted, safe kind of teacher he is and I am so glad he shines his light on others. All along, however, he has told me that I am a writer and I have protested this mightily. I struggle with the writer concept, feeling it is hard enough as is to stay current with my artistic dreams. And being the experimental intuitive artist that I am, well I already have my hands full of creative mediums of a more painterly quality. But I must admit, I am finding some hidden gems within myself, through words, that I cannot express as a visual artist. So today, I am readying myself to make that shift to "writer" for tomorrow's gathering.

I chose the image above to represent and symbolize my "writer" self. The initial photograph was taken at Garfield Park Conservatory during the current exhibit "A Garden of Glass", which is created by Dale Chilhuly. More of his glass creations can be found at his website. Click here.
Anyway, this particular glass reflected in a mysterious way on the water it was floating on. It appears to be a spaceship, which tickles my fantasy fancy, but in this instance today, I shall call it an oyster. An oyster eminating energetic rays of creative life from the pearl that lays nestled within. I look at my writing process in the same way. I do not want to leave any hidden source of myself buried underneath. The healing qualities, the pearls, cannot be overlooked and I must dive into myself to recover them, pushing aside the seaweed of my ego which tries to trip me up. The words I added to the image as a warm-up for going into writer mode. So I take a deep breath now, go into the word processing area of the computer, and begin to tap some words out. I want to take a moment here to acknowledge Carol, a wonderful dreamy writer who almost daily has encouraged me to stay on my path. She inspires me with her writings as well and today I will go to her blog and remember the magic of writing, which you can access here.

Well, that is all for today. May you all dive into your inner selves and find those treasures that need to be stirred up and revealed. Think of them as gifts to the world and like a little kid, I cannot wait to receive them.

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Doris said...

Another great group full of inspiration! I will dive deep!