Monday, September 14, 2009

Reflections on being in an art fair

Bev at the Tinley Park Art Fair
Photograph taken by Roving Photograph Bob

I'm feeling a bit sore and sunburned today, ah the aftereffects of doing something you love. Every art fair I participate in is different and unique and I suppose that is what keeps me intrigued. Well, and sharing my art with the world, how much better can it get than that?

We were in a new spot this year. That threw me off a bit. We were away from the entertainment stage and wine and cheese area which was disappointing. There was a wonderful energy last year revolving around that location. It's strange how one must get acclimated to a new spot. We had to hug our tent close to a curb so as to allow space for the artist neighbor next to us. The Park Forest Art Fair was going on at the same time as the T.P. Art Fair and apparently some of the artists who should have been in T.P fair chose the Park Forest Art Fair instead. So the two fairs on the same weekend left for fewer artists , more empty spaces and still tight quarters. Go figure!
The annual parade that goes down Oak Park Avenue took a bit of a detour this year. One of the the bands decided to walk up and down in front of the art fair tent locations. At one point they stopped for it seemed like forever and played music right in front of my exhibit. I got some great photos of the band members but the fairgoers either got trapped in my tent as a result or had to stay away from the area till the band moved on. So this was a mixed blessing to me, and rather a strange situation.
Earlier in the day, about 500 motorcyclists gathered at a nearby pavilion to begin the journey to Abraham Lincoln cemetary? (Hey, Elena, I was looking for you on one of those shiny bikes, ha, ha). This memorial, which they have done for the past three years, is dedicated to a young Tinley Park Soldier who lost his life in Iraq. The Cardinal (not the bird) was even there and gave a blessing to the motorcyclists before they headed out. The Cardinal earlier had participated in a mass celebrating a church's 75 years in existance (In Orland Park).
As always, it was fun meeting people. One of my good photography friends stopped by to chat and that made my day. I hadn't seen her in so long and the two of us stood next to each other snapping photos of the band members and each other. Ah, the creative juices really flow when two creative spirits are together.
I got a lot of compliments on how unique my work is. Guess what, even got a 2nd place ribbon and cash award for having a great art setup and wonderful art. This was a first for me and affirms me on my creative path. I am doing what I am supposed to be doing!
One lady asked me if she could send me a photo she took in Hawaii and could jazz it up and make it look painterly and "different" like I do with many of my flowers. I told her I'd try and will await the photo via e-mail.
I am always grateful for my husband's support there. Putting the tent up and taking it down and making the display presentable is so right up his alley. I wonder what it would be like to do this alone at a fair? It would be a different kind of experience, I am sure. But in the meantime, my husband supports my creative endeavors and I support his, so this is as it is for the moment.
I got about four people to take pictures of me. Being a photographer, I am always taking shots of others and forget about myself in the process. So I am grateful to have a few photos I can literally "call my own".
Like everything else, I wonder how this particular art fair will pan out for next year. It was small and cozy but somehow less lively than previous years. There were no kids dressed up in costumes performing this year and several other activities that made this fair whimsical had disappeared. I suppose if the fair was the same every year it would be boring. But yet....... Oh, well, enough reflecting here. I just wanted to write while the memories were still fresh. Have a great day, all! Be well.....


Carol Anne Strange said...

Look at you, Bev, you bright star! Well done on the art fair prize - yes, another sign that you're on the right path. It sounds like it was a grand event, despite the changes and slightly different ambience. Wishing you wild and wonderful moments as you continue on your creative journey. xx

Doris said...

Great job! Quite affirming to get that award! I wonder if this year can really predict any future show as the money crunch is hitting so many people right now. I think Christmas gifting might be underway though.

april said...

Congratulations, Bev! That's wonderful! Kicking myself that I couldn't get over there.

Robin said...

Congratulations Bev!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!! I wish I could've been there!! How cool to win an award!!!

butterfly woman said...

Thanks for your wonderful thoughts and comments.
It's interesting how putting that red ribbon up onto the tent and letting it flap in the wind drew an increased crowd to my exhibit. I guess every bit of affirmation does have an impact.
P.S. I understand that the Cardinal giving a mass at an Orland Park church celebrating 75 years of existence kept the art crowds down as well. I wouldn't have minded his blessing at the fair. Again, every little bit helps!

Elena said...


Oh Bev, I am so excited for you and the prize!!! I'm sorry I couldn't stop by but I really had to be out riding that day. You're on a roll now and it's so exciting.

butterfly woman said...

Oh, Elena,
You are always so supportive with your words anyway that it's the next best thing to seeing you in person. Biking with your husband must be a thrill and glad you had the opportunity on such a beauuuttifullll day. Neat you have your camera in your saddlebag with you.I love it! My camera is my friend, with me always, for you just never know what may cross your path!

Scribe With Gold said...

Hi Bev,
Congrat's on your prize. I'm sorry I didn't make it down that way. I cut grass and then worked on some trading cards in the evening. Was just too tired after yard work.
Congrat's again - So what's your next fair?