Friday, September 25, 2009

I Got Attitude

"I Got Attitude"
Watercolor, feathers, torn papers, inks
on matte photo paper

Yesterday was an experimental day. Originally I had printed Twiggins out on matte photo paper, which I usually do for prints. But I was running low on Magenta ink and the image came out lacking colors. The yellows were dulled down, for instance. So I decided to see what I could do to enhance the print. Now this would be tricky as the paper was rather thin. I've been told that collage/mixed media work needs to be done on watercolor paper or canvas, which is sturdier. But this was a test, I kept telling myself, for fun, so I first dabbed some watercolor on, followed by some colored inks. Yes, the paper was starting to buckle a bit, so I switched to other, less watery mediums. Prismacolor pencils helped brighten him up. Then I found some feathers bought at a craft store and a box full of handpainted papers I had constructed some time back. I felt good about tearing up the papers becaues they were still in their 8x10 original form and I had pondered thoughts of framing them. Now is that attachment to my creativity or what? After that first rip, it got easier and then I glued bits and pieces here and there on the bird, around the bird, and checked in with Twiggins to see what he was thinking about his make0ver. His eyes seemed to sparkle back at me so I proceeeded. Once the feathers went onto his head, I could see him getting an attitude. Attitude is a good thing, I thought, I need attitude for myself too. Not a cocky way of being, just more fearlessness, I suppose. Interesting. He was sharing himself with me and I was sharing myself with him. I knew I had transcended into another level when a more psychological sense of what I was doing was emerging. I had thought I would keep going and perhaps add some more colored papers but decided to scan him in as is and see how he looked.

The original Twiggins that I created loves to celebrate life. Twiggins #2, though a twin of sorts, wanted his own personality to identify him and make him stand out. The art process always teaches me something and here is what I learned from creating this bird. I need to access all parts of myself and not keep them hidden. I need to not be content with one aspect of me, in spite of its familiarity and safety. Need seems a bit hard-headed, how about if I replace need with want? That seems a bit more doable, softer.

Twiggins #2 has attitude now to keep going on his path. Show me the way, my bird friend. Keep that stiff upper lip and soar high!


Suz said...

Oh I just luv you!
A bud opening before my very eyes!

Elena said...

BRAVO!!!! I felt like I was there with you watching this birth of creation! All I can say is Bravo and so proud and huge hug. It's the excitement in your 'voice'.

Carol Anne Strange said...

There's nothing quite as exciting as creative experimentation. Wonderful work, you bright star! xx

Doris said...

He's a wonderful, delightful whimsy! Would love to see him in a frame!