Thursday, September 17, 2009

Georgia and Joan, You Live On In My Heart!

"Inspired by Georgia"
art collage

"To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage"
- Georgia O'Keefe -

Georgia O'Keefe has always been an inspiration to me. I have been to Santa Fe and seen the museum devoted to her. I have yet to get to Ghost Ranch, where she created so many fabulous paintings, but that is on my to do list. I want to walk on the grounds where she lived and feel that creative energy and spirit oozing out.

I found out recently that my college room-mate and now famous actress Joan Allen, will be playing the part of Georgia O-Keefe this weekend. On Saturday, on Lifetime TV, a documentary portraying the love affair between her and Alfred Stieglitz will be shown. I understand that there was a promise between Georgia and the TV station to make it historically correct. And why should it be otherwise? Though I don't get that particular channel, I am hoping to either have someone tape it for me or I shall go watch it with someone who gets cable. This movie means alot to me. To have my college room mate play such a beloved artist of mine is a double blessing. Over the years, I have lost contact with Joan, but am determined to connect with her someday. She does have a fan page on Facebook and I just joined the group recently, so we shall see.

As I'm devoting this post to Georgia, I happened to come across an old collage I did in a college art digital class. As I stare at the image today, I realize that I have added another artist painting a nude in the image. Like so many older creations I come across, I love to analyze the image and wonder why I did what I did. As Georgia gazes from afar, I ponder why I chose this other artist. Georgia did pose nude for Alfred, perhaps that is the connection. I see some bones lying in the ocean as well. Not the famous cattle skull bones she lovingly recreated, but bones are bones and well, what is Georgia without her famous bones? I remember traveling up to Taos, New Mexico and stopped at a roadside stand where a fellow was selling bones, bones, and more bones. I wonder if any of those bones were used in Georgia's still-lifes? Makes for a great story. Hm, perhaps I do have some material for a future writing... I notice some painterly effects I added to give the image a dreamy, more cohesive effect. And it seems the lack of color set a mood for this piece. How interesting, as I consider myself such a colorist these days. I am glad I was able to access this "old" creation because it does remind me of how much I have loved and embraced surrealism over the years. I know that this is one of the directions my artwork will take me. There's an inner knowing when one connects to something that just "feels" right to them, like a coming home of sorts.

It does take courage to embrace who we truly are, and I appreciate the quote by Georgia O'Keefe. Thank you, Georgia. Thank you, Joan. Your strong dedication to the creative arts sustains me on my own path!


april said...

Oh, how all so interesting, Bev! And wow, your college roommate! Someone in drawing class mentioned that movie was going to be on this week. I don't know what's going on for the weekend with Danielle, etc., but I will try to tape it anyway. How special for you.

Jean said...

Hi Beverly,
How exciting that you'll get to see you college roommate portray Georgia O'Keefe! I hope you're able to get a video soon (or find someone nearby to watch it on Saturday night!)

Ghost Ranch is on my wish list, too, someday - hopefully, not too many years from now!

It's great to see all of your upcoming art shows on your blog. Hope the one last weekend was a great success!!

Jean :)

Carol Anne Strange said...

I just love all this synchronicity! How fabulous to share this connection and to see this documentary. What an inspiration! And thank you, Bev, for your wonderful wishes on my blog. It means so much and I'm truly grateful. Hugs to you! xx

Elena said...

Bev, this is a great piece and so different (but yet similar) to your current 'style'. I too love surrealism, but in the form of Salvador Dali. Thanks for reminding me about the movie. I wanted to see that. You know, I can tape it and you're welcome to come see it with me one day.

Suz said...

Bev, how exciting for you....I wish I could get a close up of your are a fascinating artist.....forward!

Doris said...

How wonderful to have had these people in your past!