Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Daisy Gazes

"A Daisy Gazes"
Digital Art

Well, I did it. I took a week off from my blog here just to see what it felt like. For some reason, I didn't have anything to say. That was an odd feeling, but so true. In the meantime, I stayed connected with my on-line blogger friends and commented or followed along silently as they posted. And cheered them on as they followed their paths in life.

I pondered what to put on here for today. I had seen a hawk in a tree and then that same night a buck with antlers and all had walked down my driveway (This in a residential area!). I could feel their power and grace as they gazed at me and I stood transfixed by the two creatures. I then got out my Medicine cards book and read what they represented. Yes, I had it all in my mind how I would talk about the experience here on the blog. Sometimes, words though, can diminish the experience. So for now, I have put them into my memory and let them reside there for awhile. And even deeper they have gone into my heart.

So instead, I found this photo of a pretty little gerbera (I believe) daisy that was staring at its reflection in a gazing ball. During a lull at an art fair I was in, I decided to wander down the quaint streets and take in the beauty of the surroundings. This flower caught me eye! "How gorgeous I am", it seems to be saying. Yes, even nature likes to admire itself! And yes I think I can see myself taking a photo in the upper right hand corner. Surprise! Those gazing balls don't miss a trick! I added a few faint lines here and there on the daisy to depict the energy lines that run through it. Alive this flower is, so alive and it touches the gazing ball and it touches me with its power and love!

Staying in the moment and being attuned to all my senses allows for some delightful moments in my life. Whether it's a hawk, a buck or a daisy who crosses my path, I welcome them all. And I welcome my blog back into my arms too. It's time to share me again!


Laura said...

loving the color combo here Bev and the size of the image too!!

Doris said...

So wonderful to hear you're experiencing the mystical! It does live in the heart and sometimes overflows! Beautiful choice, the flower!

Elena said...

What a beautiful picture and words. I have missed your sharing thoughts but am glad to see you on my blog. You are always so uplifting; I can feel your positive energy through your posts.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Hello, Bev. Just catching up with you here. Inspiring words and picture! So much time is passing so it's extra important to take some time out occasionally and enjoy the stillness. Hope life is treating you kindly, dear one. x