Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Fire Within

"The Fire Within"

I did this painting a few days ago. After wallowing in and brooding about my life situation for awhile (which seemed to keep me stuck), I went into the studio and decided to paint my feelings. I am always quite astounded by what comes out. Rather than the creation being dark and gloomy (as my emotions seemed to dictate), the parrot is colorful and free-flowing. And as the bird evolved, I felt a new burst of energy rising up within me. Amazing transformation! Art is sooooo healing! I didn't want to get bogged down on painting every feather in true form, as this takes away from the spontaneous intuition that I embrace these days. In a sense, too, I feel on a deeper level this is my soul speaking. Like the parrot losing his form, I too am losing my formulated, preconceived notions of myself. This allows me the freedom to pursue who I truly am.

I may do a series on this as it seems to tie in with my "Parrot Phoenix", which I did about a month ago. That particular parrot was rising from the ashes; this one is beginning to fly high with his feathers flaming behind him! And to Judy, again I owe my gratitude for letting me visit your parrots. They seem to have inspired me on some level!

I shall continue to foster my seeds of compassion, for fear seems to lessen as a result. Every day I seem to be learning something new about myself; awareness seems to be playing a part!


Suz said...

When I look at your parrot
I see powerful

Elena said...

Beautiful. There's freedom in that picture. It's so vibrant and alive.

Doris said...

It is so beautiful and free! Not a cage or ankle chain insight!

Laura said...

I really like this piece Bev!

april said...

Free and happy! Beautiful colors!