Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Primitive Spirit

"Primitive Spirit"
Digital Art

Every so often I get to a point where I can't paint. So when this dry period occurs, I grab some recent photos I have taken and see if I can get creative with them. Last Saturday I spent the day at Beverly Unitarian Church exhibiting some of my art pieces. The church is quite old and is referred to as "The Castle" because of its structure and towers. When the crowds were thinning out, I grabbed my camera and walked around inside and outside, trying to find some interesting images. Stained glass windows flanked by candles and candelabras caught my eye, as well as stone towers with shadows crossing their exteriors. I got to exhibit my work in an alcove area on the second floor and the lacy curtains adorning the windows also seemed worthy of a picture.

The above image was originally a black and white image of the window with curtains flanking either side. I decided to colorize the image a bit and change some of the shapes around to give it a more abstract feel. The orangish shape in the middle became to take on a life of its own, reminding me of primitive art, maybe something found on an old cave wall long ago. You know, those creatures that the cavemen used to hunt down. Then I felt like adding some purple, green and pink flowers or so they seemed anyway, letting them float dreamily in space.

I suppose what I created above might be called intuitive art. I begin with a shape or general design and then see what emerges as a result. No plan in mind, just letting my heart and soul create for me! It's a very freeing process really.

The image above might be a homage to times long ago, where memories are not forgotten, but live on, even during an art show! At times during the day, I sat on the window sill in the alcove, staring out the windows, feeling like a princess locked in a tower, waiting for her knight to rescue her. Even Rapunzel came to mind, though my own hair would never make it down to the ground below. I think I was tapping into the historical ghosts of the past or so it seemed anyway. I am grateful for my dreamy self. It helps me, when the creative well runs a bit dry, to access hidden parts of me that may soon become a new image. If nothing else, the daydreaming makes me feel good inside.

As I reflect here, the primitive spirit seems to be stirring within me. A couple days ago, the wild cat came out. Today, the primitive spirit. Tomorrow, I can only imagine!


Elena said...

Very cool Bev. Reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope. I like how you just follow wherever your spirit wants to go with your art.

Doris said...

It's wonderful that you continue to take opportunities to exhibit! I'd love to be in that old church and dream a bit. Or maybe sketch awhile.

Suz said...

I got goose bumps when you said where you were...that haunted place!
Spirits indeed.....and I was looking for them inyour art...didn't see any that weren't supposed to be there...good thing.
nice work
Oh, by the way...the art arrived and it was more beautiful in person!

butterfly woman said...

Hi Elena,
A kaleidoscope, neat interpretation. Sounds childlike and full of wonder, I like that.
That church mesmorized me. I haven't been to church per se for many years and am happy I am finding that lost spiritual connection again.
After you mentioned the hauntings, I went back into some other church photos and zoomed in on them. Did see one image with faces hidden. Yikes!
Glad you got the art safe and sound! Thanks again for your support and love!