Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm low on Energy, but Creativity still Flourishes

"Green Bird"

I've been feeling a bit rundown the last few days. This allows me to snuggle with my watercolor paints and create. I notice that my ego mind seems to shut down when I'm not feeling well, allowing me access to a deeper unconscious realm that is full of untapped gold. So I know that to create during this time is like finding a treasure chest. No matter how the world collapses around me with its untended business during these times, I always have enough energy to create. Priorities are so important to me! As is just going with the flow.

I also know that my emotions are quite intense these days. When the holidays approach, I embrace my significant other and my creations that spew forth. I certainly enjoy watching and reading how others enjoy the holidays and it makes my heart glow. Yet, I celebrate differently, quietly, lots of contemplation with candles burning brightly, incense filling the air and lots of paintings emerging. As a result, my feelings calm down.

I'm quite pleased with the bird image above. I notice lately that my subject matter is isolated, with white backgrounds. How I used to paint many moons ago. The watercolors seem to flow in some areas as I add lots of water, giving a dreamy effect. Yet, I can also solidify in other places, such as in the eye and tail feathers to add contrast. The paper I used is, I believe a hot pressed paper such as bristol board. I've just been grabbing sheets of paper laying around and going to town. To fuss too much with the right paper or proper paints is to tamper with the passion I am feeling. A good thing, this not caring about the details. The paints do not soak into the paper as much, I notice, and seem to dry quicker as a result. So I really needed to be moving around and not take much to ponder where the next stroke would go. Yes, watercolor at this time seems to be my medium of choice, challenging me. My expressive nature can be allowed to run rampant as I paint.

So this is how I'm spending my days. I am filled with peace and joy internally even as my physical body is a bit beat down. Each painting I am producing is a gift to me, a way to honor myself and get back to a healthy place.

Enjoy the day! Embrace the Magic! It's all Good!


Suz said...

You are good
inside and out
A blessed Christmas Bev
love your birds!

Doris said...

Beautiful bird! My cockatiels are moulting today! Feathers everywhere! Have a blessed Christmas!

april said...

Very regal.

gottago said...

Oh yes, a new mentor! So glad I found your blog on Carol Leigh's blog.

I'll be following you. I'm grateful to you and others I've found online. Seeing what others do is how I am inspired. Reading others blogs helps me search deeper. Feeling what I feel from others art motivates me to stay on track and accountable to the daily practice of self care which only happens by scheduling myself into the day.

Thanks for your honest caring and sharing.


Elena said...

I could have sworn I commented! My son and I loved this latest creation. And you were sick. We missed you for Christmas but hope you and hubby are feeling much much better. Great words and artwork as always.