Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gimme Some Lovin'

"Gimme Some Lovin'"

One time I took a jaunt down to Crete-Monee, a small town just South of where I live. There was a psychic fair going on at a lady's house. It was an interesting adventure, meeting all the people who believed in otherworldly matters, ghosts, spirits, etc. But it was the 10 or so cats roaming around the two-story ramshackled house that got my attention. Apparently the psychic had a heart of gold and took in stray creatures. They roamed in and out of the many rooms, some looking a little worse for wear. A few limped, some had little sores on their bodies, but all of them came over to me for a little cuddling. Love conquers all ailments, don't you think? I took a few photos of these purring machines and there was one cat whom I thought might make a good painting subject.

So today I took my watercolors and began painting him (or her). This cat had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen, the colors of the emerald sea or maybe a turquoise stone. Fathomless depths you could lose yourself in. With a touch of attitude that said "I'm a survivor, don't feel sorry for me, I am doing quite well!" After I took his photo, he wandered aruond the grounds, with a cocky jaunt that belied his physical maladies. My compassion for him turned to admiration. Yes, we can learn from those who come into our life, whose will and intent and heart can overcome all obstacles.

I think I left my heart there at that house that day. Those sweet babes melted me. I'm glad the lady owner recognized that these four legged spirits were just as important as the ones she was calling forth from other realms. I hope all the cats are doing well. Today, with the holidays and all of us snug with our loved ones, I send my love to those who seem less fortunate. Now, let me rephrase this. I do not want to pity them. Perhaps they are content with their lot in life. It is, after all, their karma, their lesson. And I certainly don't want to mess with destiny.

And now, time to pick out a card from my tarot deck. I want to see how my day will evolve.


Suz said...

hmmm I'm thinking what is wrong with pity
it seems to me an absolute churning of the heart
to take pity
to have pity

I have to think on this
Lovely blog by the way...too bad the woman didn't have more pity for these cats and get them medical care

Elena said...

"I'm a survivor, don't feel sorry for me, I am doing quite well!"

Sounds like you.

Glad I'm not the only one with other-realm curiosities.

Doris said...

Lovely portrait of the new feline friend. I've had intentions of doing a cat portrait for an upcoming show and auction at Naperville Art League to benefit the sheltered kitties. Sent out an offer of donation, they haven't replied.

Carol Leigh said...

Oh, my gosh! If a friend of mine were a cat, this is what she would look like. And she, too, is a survivor. I just sent her the link to your painting -- I'll be curious to hear what she thinks. -- Carol Leigh