Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Spirit is Everywhere

"Ferns on Window Sill"
Digital Art

Lately I've been drawn to windows. No matter whether they're frosted, dusty, tinted or squeaky clean, there is something intriguing about them when used as a backdrop. I was again sorting through the photos I had taken at the Beverly Unitarian Church. In the bathroom on the main floor, some ferns in a pot were residing on a window sill, soaking up the late afternoon winter light. The window had a frosted, texture-like feel to it and seemed a nice contrast to the smooth plant leaves. I pumped up the color a bit and added some reddish tones to the leaves. Some light purples were dabbled onto the background to break up some of the flatter space there.

I wanted to bring out tne fern's inner essence and vitality and feel I was able to accomplish it here. There is an energetic aura surrounding the leaves that reflect this as well. To me, the plant's leaves seem to be raised in homage and prayer to Mother Earth, God, the Angels, a Higher Power or whatever name the plant wants to give it. Yes, indeed, I found spirit everywhere in the church that day, even in the bathroom. Never leave any stone unturned, for there is magic to be found where we least expect it.


Doris said...

A beautiful plant in lovely light!

Laura said...

There is a wonderful freshness to this piece. A good sense of beening alive and in the moment. great colors too.