Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dreams Left Behind

"Dreams Left Behind"
Digital Art

Sometimes when the wind is swirling and the frost is on the pumpkins, I reflect on time spent out in Arizona some years ago, wandering the deserts. The Native American Indians selling their turquoise and coral jewelry along the canyon rims has left a permanent imprint on my mind. I see their tanned, wrinkled faces and the mystique of it all stirs up longing.

So when these feelings arose a few days ago, I decided to reflect on them in a more creative way. After tearing out specific words and images to mirror my own emotions, I set to work putting them on paper. First I applied matte medium to a small piece of watercolor paper. Then I painted the background with southwest colors of turquoise and adobe orange. From there I added the map depicting Native American land. The groups of letters and words I then affixed were chosen because I just wanted to use some ancient text. This symbolizes the love and pride the Indians attribute to their heritage, not succumbing to modern influences. For some reason memories of being a youngster in school called to me so the alphabet letters and numbers were attached. This may be related to my own love of learning and the intrigue I find in absorbing what other cultures signify to me. "Promises" is an affirming word to me. I may just one day get back to this desert land that so fascinates me. "Remembering" was added as personal memories swirled within me. (It's funny, though, as I sit here looking at the total image, " these yellow letters look like teeth on a face backdrop. It's almost as if an Indian with a tribal mask on is staring at me. And to make it even more mysterious and haunting, a medicine man or shaman. I feel a shiver run through me now, as I see something totally different and my soul rustles within. What an adventure the creative muse takes us on! I then attached some gauzy material over various areas of the picture. Finally, I added some dried flower petals to the center. Perhaps this signifies my love for the West. There is much romanticism affiliated with this area of the U.S. So yes, I have offered my own interpretation of what this image "may" mean to me. It allows for a more personal connection to what I create and hones my writing skills as well. All part of the journey I am on.

I was happy to create from this inner realm of myself. Releasing feelings and emotions is always therapeutic for me, yet keeps me yearning for even more release. To find the hidden treasures within. To seek more understanding of who I am. A cyclic process, yet never-ending. I hope someday my dreams of reconnecting with a place where I left pieces of my soul behind will come true. Did I just hear a coyote howl? Are there Indians dancing around a pile of burning leaves? Keep that fire alive in order to rekindle your dreams. I know I am.


Suz said...

This is cool one When I was a little girl I had a teacher who loved the Navajo....she had us weave on little looms we made ourselves out of branches.....crude but fun..we got it
This stirs that memory for me
I have never been are lucky to want to return

Elena said...

Bev, I love hearing you speak of the southwest. As you know, I love it there. When I'm there something inside me stirs and I have a deep longing for something. Beautiful words and always.

Doris said...

I love the jewelry and the dress. I wove beads as a child. Always thought I'd do that again before my eyes go! So many people caught up in he southwest flair in decorating a while back. Add a couple horses in the wind...

Suz said...

Maybe we all come the southwest

Hey Bev, I was wondering...don't you just love the VERIFY words in the comment thing. What do they mean..we could make it up....I will try to write a poem or something based on the odd thing word from this post

Suz said...

Oh, I'll have to use somebody else's jiggy word...I'll get back to you

butterfly woman said...

As I write about the Southwest, it does bring up some inner longings of wanting to go back.I appreciate how the Southwest has touched you all in different ways too. I came back to Illinois after some years of working out West in National Parks, etc. Nomad life can get a bit draining and then family and life and crisis pulled on me once I returned to Illinois and then it all became a distant dream. Now I feel more free, more in touch with me, with less obligations and who knows I may be on that Wild Mustang soon kicking up dust, not looking back.
Hey Suz,
Whatever that jiggy/verify word you're talking about, sounds fun. Tell me more!