Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Still Life Now Disturbed"
Digital Art

Yes, the title mimics the words just above the woman's image in the vase. I've been reading alot about surrealist artists lately. I've always enjoyed their "you have to look at it at least twice" to figure out what is going on. I like to "think" about a piece. Sometimes, though, this particular kind of art can get a bit dark and have sexual overtones. So, I'm kind of caught between fantasy/whimsical and surrealism these days. I have to let out whatever is necessary, though, to satisfy my creative muse. To be true to myself requires this. Still, it stirs up some emotional monsters within.

The image above is still a work in progress. The original painting done in watercolor was just the vase and fruit. After I scanned the image in, it slipped around and revealed some white areas around the edges. Well, suddenly I envisioned a stage of sorts and then drapes emerged and then the shadowing figure joined in (voila, the white was soon covered up). The woman was composed of two separate composites. The original painting of the woman had no head, just a body. So I found a face from another image I had done and added it here. The colors don't quite match yet. I'm not sure if that matters. Also, I touched up the shadows under the fruit and lightened them. I've been playing with this for a few days now. Don't know if I'll ever complete it or not. BUT, it is good for me to put a nude up here, no matter how small. Figure drawing was a vital part of my artistic path when I was in art school so I am getting in touch with it again. A lost friend wanting to reunite.

I find that my writing class is helping me to tell more of a story with my art as well. That is useful for me. Frank, my writing teacher and husband, says there needs to be a what and a so what in our writings. I think the same can be applied to the painting process too.

Yet, I find the image above a bit dark. I'd like to put angel wings on the woman or give her a nice white robe. A few sweet little flowers growing on the stage might lighten the mood. All of my artistic selves inside of me seem to be fighting right now for expression. I find this a bit disturbing. I will be still for a while and listen; perhaps a compromise can be reached. Otherwise, I'll just have to ride out the storm........ Who am I???????


Suz said...

I wish the image were bigger so I could really take a look at it.
That was the hardest part of finding out who I was...
so paint away and away and away

butterfly woman said...

And now voila the image is enlarged. Thank you for your gentle nudging. I really was having personal issues with displaying this piece, more than I thought. And now, as the image grows, I too feel transformed, more comfortable with who I am as a woman in all her beauty. Your words here, Suz, helped me.
Yes, all this time I have been embracing my inner child, but the woman too needs embracing. Hmmmmmm.
A lesson learned.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Wow, you have been busy, Bev! I've just been catching up on your blog and your creativity is dancing brightly. It's so fantastic and inspiring to see! You go girl!! xx

Suz said...

How about
Stilled Life,Disturbed

It is beautiful...the vase is very reflective of the image
I like the stage effect all around...sort of a debue!
It is the hardest thing, I think for most women..to own their sexuality..we were created with sexuality as a gift from God.
not to abuse or misuse but to fully enjoy our lives...it is fabulous to embrace it and not fear it

Doris said...

I had to look again. I hadn't noticed the image was nude. I guess it is norm for me. The neck-piece is a bit deceiving. It's very pleasant to view. I like it much more than most of the current surrealism I've been seeing. Keep blossoming!

Elena said...

Beautiful growth Bev.