Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Roars in Like a Lion!

"Lion and Cub"
Pencil, watercolor, and computer art

It did seem rather like a jungle yesterday at the Mokena Art Fair. The winds howled through the tents, and gray skies sent raindrops falling onto those who braved the elements. No, there weren't any lions roaming the streets, but rather dogs in every shape and size were strutting their stuff. Despite the weather conditions, which seem appropriate for this time of year, I enjoyed the day immensely. And I'll tell you why. It's really all about the people.

For example, I met a teacher exhibitor. In the three tents to the right of her own were several of her students. She said they had all rushed early to the fair so as to be next to one another. The teacher proudly introduced me to her pupils, beaming with pride as she talked about their abilities. Each student had a unique style and his/her own passion seemed evident. I marveled at the diversity and at the teacher's love of teaching. She just glowed!
Another art participant asked me numerous questions about prints. She sells originals only, gorgeous still lifes done in pastels (thought of you, Doris) and at a pretty hefty price. She is now considering the world of prints and greeting cards, in order to appeal to a more general audience. Having flexibility and new visions as an artist is growth empowering.
There was a grandfather who was taking his nine year old daughter (who is a wonderful portrait artist-he proudly proclaimed) around to meet the various artists and see their work. He said he often goes out with his granddaughter to artistic events to support her young aritistic vision. The art institute is next on their agenda. He glowed when he talked about his granddaughter and I thought "isn't nurturing and support wonderful to see". During a conversation with him and her, I gave them some tips on staying on a true artistic path based on my own experience. These "teaching" and "sharing" experiences made it all worth the raindrops that kept falling on my head, which I soon didn't even notice. Here I was in a "zone" and I wasn't even painting. Hooray!
We were closing up shop about an hour early because the weather was finally doing us in. A woman scurried up and said "oh good you still have that framed photo image. I was with my daughter earlier and she had her heart set on it. So, now, while she is gone, I'll buy it and give it to her as a surprise for Christmas". I did remember the daughter stopping by and gazing in awe at a framed trio of flowers I had on display. Her face fell when I told her the price but her mom was paying attention. Good for you, Mom! That seemed very special and meaningful to me, as there's something about someone giving my artistic creations as a gift (and a surprise, no less) that just opens my heart!
And it wasn't just people who tickled me today. Those dogs I had mentioned earlier looked like they were on parade for a judged show. All those new mixed breeds that seem to be the rage pranced up and down the road, admiring the artwork (or so it seemed). Owners happily let us pet them (the dogs, that is) and I was grooving on the unconditional love the animals gave me. Boy, I was feeling the good vibes around me, whether it was coming from two-leggeds or four-leggeds.
Oh, I forgot to mention the free breakfast. Free is always a good thing in this day and age. The organizer supplied the artists with bagels and cream cheese, huge muffins, fresh fruit and lots of hot coffee. It was a great way to start off the day. And though the crowds were light, the people who were there seemed intent on enjoying the creative sights that filled their vision.
So now, as I sit here typing, I am feeling a little soreness kicking in. But it makes me realize how good it is to be alive and share our art and our true selves with the world. It can't get any better than that!

So let your "lion" inside let out a mighty roar as you share who you are. But remember, the little cub sitting nearby. Still in that nurturing stage, like our own inner child selves. Balance!


Suz said...

Wow Bev the writer is out today!
Wonderful words. I think you have sprouted wings! Fly girl fly. I'm right behind you. And yes, you are so wise to remind us that there is always that child cub who lives under our paws..hug

Alice McMahon White said...

Bev, I'm a little weepy eyed. :) I have felt all these same things you describe at the rare tent shows I've done, and most often at gallery openings and open studio events at FAB. Encouraging other artists is one of the reasons to stay in the biz, despite economy woes. My artist friends are more true family than blood could ever be. I'm grateful for each connection. Beautiful work as well. Peace sweetie!

Doris said...

What a great day and top it off with such a special sale! And the piece is great too!