Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Gremlins Meet a Fairy!

"Halloween Gremlins Meet a Fairy"
Watercolor, digital art tools

It started out simple enough. A cute ittle fairy on a flower that begged to be shared here. I like creative cutsy outlets these days. Suddenly, it seemed a prankster invaded my being and I was pressing computer buttons and experimenting like there was no tomorrow. Every painting tool in the book was tapped into and explored here. The flower petals were created using a pattern brush tool, a handy little texture device. I tried to then undo some brush strokes and repaint others and had no luck. There was no going back!

So it's Halloween and I figured the spirits and ghosts and boogy men were up to their tricks. In fact, if you look closely, you might see some little haunty beings nestled into the background. I rather like the thicker paint strokes on some areas; there appears to be a 3D effect. And the flower heart on the fairy's center seems to please me. So, I'm not totally mad, just more amazed at the letting go of it all that I seemed to experience. All in all, experimenting and playing without thoughts involved.

I bet this little Fairy is ready to run for the hills, I mean Woods and go hide under a toadstool or something. Glad she was patient and tolerant with my antics today. Hope you all have fun with Tricks and Treats and laugh and dance through the pumpkin patch!


Doris said...

Well she doesn't look tormented. She must be very patient. Wonder if we'll see her again?

butterfly woman said...

Yes, she's been a good model for me, allowing creative exploration all around her. And she will be back, sooner than you think, sitting calmly on a butterfly, as it soars into the heavens above.An adventurer this fairy is, not willing to go the safe route.I love her spirit!

Suz said...

You were possessed!?!?

How funny....and nice