Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Link and Some New Stories!

"Creative Energy"
Digital Art

Off to writing class I go filled with zest and creative energy.And yes, even dolphins and porpoises can dream up a storm, don't you think? I started a new link to the right here called Writings-Poems. I just added the 2nd part to an ongoing story I had shared here recently called "Castles in the Sky But Dreamless. So please check it out. I'd appreciate comments, thoughts, or just a Hi!

Now I'm off to share "Wandering in the Wood's Embrace" with fellow classmates. It deals with a so-calleld "witch" who is searching for her true identity. (Hope to tie it in to "Castle" story). For inspiration, classmates last week shared words to use as possible topics. Bread (either money or the doughy yeast kind), taking chances, witches, and zoos all are subjects we can choose from. Or your own personal writings, of course.

And now I go wandering into the Center's woods. Hm, maybe another story in the making? I am always on the lookout for new inspiration! And if you ever want to stop into the Wednesday afternoon or evening writing class, you're more than welcome. No obligation, of course. But just be warned, you may have to sit and write a spell (or for a spell). Hey, Halloween's coming, what can I say?


Elena said...

Beautiful pic and great stories you've been creating.

Carol Anne Strange said...

A soul-inspiring image, Bev! So wonderful to hear that you're enjoying the writing. What an amazing creative journey you're on. Love & Light. x

Doris said...

Love the dolphin. Have to check out the second half of the story too!

butterfly woman said...

Thank you all for commenting. The writing side of me is really starting to peek its head out. Someone made a comment in class that my writings and artistic creations are starting to meld together. For so long, I kept these two creative mediums separate.They could not step on each other's toes for fear of blocks arising. Now, I realize they are parts that make up the whole. Without one, there is not the other! This is freeing to me.