Sunday, October 18, 2009

Opening Myself to the Moment, I Feel the Joy

"Autumn Song"
Digital Art

It's the day after a "small" art festival in Palos Heights. Cold and rainy at the start, then things calmed down a bit. About 13 artists participated and it wa a cozy, small crowd of onlookers wandering around. Today I am thinking about process, how the art process of doing seems so fulfilling to me. The added benefits of selling your art is of course dessert. But I guess what I'm trying to say is by staying in the moment of one's life, there is so much to take in, so much joy. I sold a few things and had some wonderful comments about the pieces I shared yesterday. But so many more elements of the day have stayed with me today, which I write down here while they are fresh in my mind.

There was the lady with the orange and white cockatoo who so kindly let me take photos of. I have been so wanting to paint a bird such as this. And as an added bonus, the bird hopped onto my arm and calmly gazed around. What a treat. Though it lovingly? nipped its owner, it sat very peacefully on my arm roost. Some areas of the bird's body seemed barren of feathers and the owner stated that "Lou Lou", in moments of stress, would pick at her feathers. Yet, today, the bird was giving her owner kisses, seemingly quite relaxed. Perhaps it was the music, perhaps it was the loving caresses the bird was receiving. I walked away, feeling I had learned something. Maybe that we all have emotions, subsequent physical symptoms and have choices in how we deal with and overcome them. Three elderly men performed dixie music/banjo music/barbershop music for much of the day. I was right next to where they were performing, so it was nice to hear such happy music fill the air. They were so "in the zone" that I felt the kinship that creative souls know so well, that blissful feeling. "Wiggles the Penguin", a mascot, danced around with little kids and their excited giggles and gestures made me laugh. Later in the day, a younger woman stood by my work and made wonderful comments. One of the most interesting things she said was "that my work reminded her of the kind of art her son created". I stared at her son, who appeared about 7 years old or so. I felt quite thrilled by this, not offended in the least. I interpreted this to mean that my work has a more childlike quality to it. This is where I am attempting to go, to reconnect and embrace the playful me inside. Oh, and the sun came out for a few hours and Frank, myself and the lady I shared a tent with all sit in chairs under a awning, sunglasses on, feeling the warmth of nature. And there were other small moments during the day that if I had not been aware and fully present, might have slipped by unnoticed. So this is what I mean about the process, the process of opening all the senses and really taking in the wonder of it all.

I shall close here with just a few thoughts about the image above. A watercolor I did of grapes about a week or so ago and then I added the musical notes from a piano book of mine. The song is called "Harmony of the Angels" and to incorporate it into the grape image just seemed right to me, as my spiritual voice is clamoring to be heard.

There were a lot of angels walking around the art fair yesterday. Some were singing, some dancing and others just spreading their radiance by just being. May you find an angel or two in your own life!


Suz said...

If that woman's son does art like your....give him a scholarship
I have always thought your art reminded me of the vibrant art of Peter Maxx (sp?)
so uninhibited in expression
so happy for you that you and Frank got to have such a special day

butterfly woman said...

Oh Suz, you made my day here today. Yes, no matter what, I hope the young man pursues his dreams.
I looked up Peter Max - and if its the same artist you were thinking of, I am quite flattered. I really like his loose style and vibrant color. His female face creations are awesome! I'm glad I went and checked him out, always fun to explore......

Doris said...

It's wonderful to hear of a good day for an artist, but especially one such as you. Immediately I am remonded that we must enter the kingdom of heaven like a child. With faith in things unseen. How lovely your days have been to witness!

april said...

You breathe in every moment of your day, Bev. Love all the details you remember. What a journal. And love your grapes and music. What a happy piece (peace).