Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nine Lives of A Cat

"Nine Lives of A Cat"
Digital Art

I spent some of the morning browsing the Internet. Reading about art fairs and how to be the best exhibitor you can be. Then I was reading about photography and digital art. Someone was talking about photography from a purist point of view. He said that maybe someone who did 3D animation art could actually be called a digital artist. All the rest of the people who paint and paste and alter photographs are still considered photographers. Whatever, I thought. I'm not much of an art elitist and categories that separate each of us into compartments bores me. It's all about the love of creating and to spend too much time in the Ego suppresses that energetic flow (my opinion, anyway). So with too much information overload swirling in my head, I was ready to switch gears and just play.

I had intended on painting something, anything, but the best laid plans go astray so instead I downloaded some photos from my computer. After looking at some autumn leaf photos, I decided to place one of them here as a backdrop. The cat is another photo I took. He's actually sprawled across a sidewalk but I only really wanted his face so voila that came next. And he blends in with the dark background making him a bit more mysterious. I like that. Then I found a painting I had done of a buddha cat (that's what I call him anyway) so he got inserted on the top here. (He is an afterthought which I may take out but for now he can keep the other cat company. I painted him a bit more brightly here on the computer because I wanted him to be the main focus and then I was done. I've been in an autumn/halloween kind of a mood lately so guess that's why my creativity reflects this.

Spook needed a few companions anyway. He's been lonely. I haven't been writing anything more about him and his adventures lately. So Spook, here's the next best thing. Why don't you all go out and sniff some catnip or something? After all, it's Friday night and time to party!
But don't get too hungover because the big night, Halloween, will soon be here and then you can really go prowling. Of course, with 9 lives a cat can afford to be a little more daring that we human types. Yet, I found myself today being daring with my creative muse and pushing myself. Oh, and I do call myself a digital artist, amongst other things, by the way. And I'm proud of it!

Hope all your fantasies are coming true and that you're living life to the max!


april said...

I love the way this all blends together, Bev. This is one you want to keep looking at and you see new things all the time.

Doris said...

Glad Spook has some company. Seems your off and creating and he's looking for more interaction. Amazing the contrivances of petty fellow artists. Leave them where they are and keep spreading those wings!

Debbie Egizio said...

Wonderful! It's so important to create in any manner that we can express ourselves in. I just love the creative process in whatever form it takes. Have a lovely day! ;)