Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Pumpkin Garden"

"Pumpkin Garden"
Digital Art

A watercolor I did recently of a pumpkin that implored me to paint it before a face was carved into it. The background is from an image of Monet's garden which I altered and played with. I was initially content with just the pumpkin sitting as is on a white background but then I decided to experiment. I chose the background because I liked the contrasting colors. Though the image here is rather small, if you look closely you can see many little faces emerging in the background. Perhaps one of them is Monet smiling down on me as I create. I like to think that artists from the past and present are always surrounding me in one way or another, giving me blessings and encouragement. Anyway, my surrealistic longings began to kick in (okay Salvador Dali, you're probably hidden in there too) and suddenly the pumpkin was melting into the water. Yes, this pumpkin had detangled itself from its vines and plunged into this liquid essence. Hm, quite a trip to go from Illinois all the way to France, such an adventurer.

Though I myself also dream of going to France one day and seeing the waterlilies and maybe some French pumpkins, for now I am content to paint and visualize this happening on paper. I cannot wait to hear pumpkin's stories when he/she returns. If, of course, I can get past the French accent!!!!

Believe in the Magic!!!!! Hey Linus and Snoopy, where are you?????


Suz said...

scrumptious colors

fluid and dreamy

Doris said...

Very nice pumpkin. Liking it!

Uta said...

Wow Bev I love it!!! I too dream of going to France, sigh.

Uta said...

Ooh I just saw Autumn Song in the previous post. Love that too. You are really in a creative flow at the moment. Good to see :)

butterfly woman said...

Yep, I'm in the creative zone. It's a place where I dance with joy!

Love to you all for stopping by. May all our creativity flourish and shine!

Perhaps one big field trip to France someday! Anyone game?

Uta said...

Count me in on that trip to France.

april said...

What a story! I enjoy your imagination, Bev. Love the purples with the oranges; Julie's favorite garden color combination.

Elena said...

So glad to see you are continuing on your creative growth path. Beautiful colors and experimentation.